The Hounding of Millennial Woes

Morgoth’s Review
November 26, 2016


On the same day national newspapers launched a manhunt against Millennial Woes The Guardian carried a piece by somebody called ”Pandora Blake” in which Blake lamented the draconian online censorship laws in Britain:

I’m no stranger to censorship. Last year, Dreams of Spanking was unsuccessfully targeted under the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, because my consensual BDSM videos depict spankings that leave marks. After a traumatic, invasive investigation, I was forced to take my site offline – and I was left in no doubt that the law considers kinky sexualities such as mine to be obscene.

Acts that are legal to perform in the UK, but not legal to depict in porn, which includes fisting, watersports and female ejaculation (if the fluid lands on another person, or is consumed).

What message are we sending to young women by criminalising porn that depicts a visual, undeniable representation of female sexual fulfilment? Do we really want girls to think that the way their bodies naturally respond to pleasure is obscene?

Attacking online porn is a cheap way to score political points – and it’s a distraction from the real issues.

The Guardian didn’t just carry the story, they allowed this insane pervert to write her own article on why it’s wrong for her to be unable to make money from peddling ”fisting’ videos to young girls under the guise of ”education”. To the left this is what constitutes a ‘free speech’ issue worth fighting for, if the opportunity arises to ram Western civilization further into the sewer than it already is then the most prominent left leaning broadsheet in the land will embrace it with gusto.

Indeed, they’ll invoke libertarian arguments to back up their case, if you don’t like this woman being able to flog squirting and fisting videos then nobody is forcing you to watch them, we’re all free to watch and pay for, and read what we like, it’s a free country isn’t it?

On the other-hand, if you sit at home in your dressing gown, smoking cigarettes and ruminating on where the left’s morality is taking us then you’re likely to have an anti-fa thug group call their friends in the media and you’ll receive a punishment beating for simply having an opinion, an opinion which nobody is forced to agree with on a platform nobody has to watch, we being free individuals and all….


The article in The Daily Record which was then wafted up to the Mirror parent paper, which is nationwide, is so gobsmackingly retarded that it isn’t even worth dissecting, here are a few quotes:

A RACIST Scots video blogger spouted his hatred on stage at an infamous US event where far-right extremists shouted “Hail Trump”.

Millennial Woes NPI speech was actually a rather heartfelt warning to a 19 year old white girl on the dangers of atomization, it can be seen in full here.

The vile mystery man – believed to be from Edinburgh – gave a speech at a white nationalist conference in Washington DC that has sparked a political firestorm.

It has now emerged the Scottish hatemonger, who has managed to keep his identity a secret, also appeared at the annual conference of the National Policy Institute on Saturday.

Using the moniker ‘Millennial Woes’, the vlogger has posted around 600 videos to his YouTube account, racking up 18,000 subscribers and nearly 2.4 million views.

Some anti-fascist campaigners have spent more than a year trying to identify the man – believed to be in his 30s – as he continues to deliver hate online.

Talking straight to camera with a well-spoken Scots accent and often smoking cigarettes, he pours out a stream of sordid venom.

His whining invective can run up to an hour in length as he bleats about his ignorant views. But campaigners say the man has developed a growing “fanbase” among other deluded far-right supporters.

Asked if he fears YouTube will shut down his channel due to his hateful speech, the vlogger said he plans to launch his own website instead to reach his twisted followers.

He said he’d been reported to police over his videos. Campaigners have made strenuous efforts to identify the vlogger to name and shame him. One investigator managed to identify a building apparently spotted in the background of a video as a hotel not far from Edinburgh’s Leith Walk.

Behold the ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’ left in all their putrid, festering scumbaggery. A national newspaper can proudly proclaim that ‘campaigners’ have spent more than a year chasing a man down for the crime of having an opinion on YouTube. When they say ”name and shame him” what they really mean is terrify him and his family by using their media as a baseball bat, he’ll be found out, named and then plastered across the papers for the masses to sneer at. Perhaps a kicking on the street, maybe a brick through his mother’s window, the cops might smash down the door for hate think, that’ll teach the scumbag for being popular, for being a ‘free thinker’.


This is what the left is, it’s what they have always been. The left are standing up for the little guy, speaking truth to power, by using the mass media to destroy a man who voices an opinion on the internet, but if that opinion is too popular for comfort then that’s the left’s problem, not Millennial Woes’s. If Theresa May was serious about her ”Tolerant liberal Britain” guff then she should ban the left leaning media for attacking an individual because of their views, such behaviour is the antithesis of liberalism!

Pandora Blake is endorsed by the left because peddling barbaric smut to young girls is what the left would consider to be the ”right side of history” what they mean by that is that the general trend of the zeitgeist, the direction which western civilization is heading, is one of increased liberation, tolerance and inclusion or differing ‘lifestyle choices’. A running theme of this blog is that those ‘choices’ always seem to concur with whatever the interests of High Finance and Globalism want, however, we shall leave that to one side this time and concentrate of the left itself.

If, as the left wants us to believe, the direction of history favours their views on personal liberation and self indulgence, if that were the case, then it would happen naturally, truly naturally, there would be no need for ‘Hate Speech laws” or anti-fa thugs in masks hunting people down, girls would feel comfortable watching other women being ”fisted” and boys would enjoy dressing up in pink and playing with dolls.


The problem is….it’s all crap!

….And it isn’t that we are too dumb to understand, we do, we understand it better than the lefties themselves. We know what the arguments are, we know (((who))) conjured up their world view and why, we understand the reasoning of the left, the problem is, it’s a vision of hell on earth which has to be resisted tooth and claw.

The ”Right side of history” argument is a sham, it isn’t based on the raising of conscience or making people ‘socially aware’ or ‘tolerance and understanding’. The historical narrative, control of what we are and where we are headed, is enforced, first through the media, and then through laws, and in the end, through violent street mobs and outright persecution of dissidents. The Daily Record hit piece, and the anti-fa blog which began this witch hunt (I’m not linking to them but we shall revisit them another time) are obviously furious at the popularity of Millennial Woes YouTube channel, and they should be, every single video he has ever made disembowels everything they stand for with consummate ease.

Millennial Woes isn’t a ‘Nazi’ he has a distaste for authoritarianism, he’s the average guy who asks ”What the hell is going on?”. He plays the part of Truman in the Truman Show movie, we are living under a smelly dome of leftist thought and ideas which we are told is natural and good. Millennial Woes invites his audience to explore the dome with him as he points out the fake weather, the false smiles, the plot-holes and the synthetic nature of dome-life. And that’s why they hate him, and why they want him destroyed.

Leftists are merely the dome technicians desperately trying to scare and threaten the increasingly aware captives into not seeing what they’re seeing, not to think what they are thinking, when we look at the left all we see are dead eyed ideologues, boring shit-for-brains imbeciles everybody despises but, who are, nevertheless, dangerous people to cross because of their ‘connections’ which could harm us or our loved ones.

It takes astonishing bravery, fortitude, courage and moral fibre to stand up, or sit in a dressing gown, and simply say ”No! I shall not listen to the lies any longer”. And when such a person is attacked and vilified all it creates is yet more people asking why they were attacked and vilified.

As another prominent YouTuber tried to explain to a prominent leftist recently ”You’re fucked, your ideology is dead, all you people have going for you is violence and hysterics”.

Goodnight left-side.