The Hitler Question

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017


Today is the 128th birthday of the most famous, most lied about, and most hated man in history – second only to Jesus Christ.

I’m speaking, of course, of Adolf Hitler.

Some people love him – such as us here at The Daily Stormer – some people hate him, and others see him as nothing more than a burden – an obstacle we must now somehow find our way around.

This latter position is understandable, given the propaganda surrounding Hitler and his legacy. He has been successfully painted as literally the most evil man in all of human history, and everyone with even slightly similar views as him – up to and including merely not wanting the White race to be brutally wiped out – is likewise inevitably tarred by the same brush.

But unfortunately this burden is only compounded by our own cowardice, when we allow the enemy set the rules of discourse, as “conservatives” and the like have done for so many years.

We will never escape – or find an easy way around – the “Hitler Question,” because the fact will always remain: what we believe in, and what are fighting for – us on the Alt-Right, that is – is indeed virtually identical to what Adolf Hitler and his allies believed in and were fighting for.

Therefore, we should embrace the comparison.

Why try and wiggle out of it?

Apologizing, and going out of our way to distance ourselves from the HQ, only makes us look pathetic and weak.

We’re not going to get one over on the Jews – or anybody else – by denouncing our ancestors who also fought the Jews.

The Jews are our enemy.

Basically, the same forces Hitler and his people were up against then, are what we are up against now.

This is becoming more and more clear to more and more people every day, as they look at the kiked out world around us and realize “holy shit, Hitler was right!”

And when Hitler fought these forces – the Jews, the capitalists, the communists, the international (((media))) and (((banking systems))), and so on – he didn’t try to take the easy route – and he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if he did.

He fought our enemies head on, and he almost won.

He showed us that they are not invincible – that they can be beaten.

And he did this while facing astronomical odds. Germany, and all of Europe, were facing certain death – looking down the barrel of a (((Bolshevik))) pistol – when he rose to power.

So no matter what one may think about Hitler personally, and each and every action he may or may not have taken, the fact remains that he bought us some time, and he showed us the way. (Just to be clear, I’m referring to actions against other Europeans, not Jews. I don’t care if he literally did turn Jews into lampshades, soap, and human-hair mattresses – and nor should any other self-respecting White man.)

Jews would be much more useful as everyday household items and appliances anyway, rather than human parasites.

What Hitler is now, is a symbol.

He is a symbol of White pride.

He is a symbol of the rejection of degeneracy and cultural rot.

He is a symbol of opposition to mongrelization, White guilt, and White genocide.

He is a symbol of anti-communism, anti-capitalism, and anti-usury.

He is a symbol of the natural order.

He is a symbol – the symbol – of resistance to Jewish supremacy.

He is a symbol of honor, courage, and the European spirit.

And he is a symbol of Western Civilization – what it once was, and what it can be.

So if you want to flip it to the current establishment – the one which is brutally and unmercifully genociding and destroying our entire race, and everything else that is decent and wholesome in this world – repeat after me:

Hail Victory!

Hail Our People!

Hail Hitler!