The History of White Slavery

Jack Renshaw
May 29, 2014

Even Blacks were able to own White slaves in America.

Students will be well aware that in the British education system, we students are indoctrinated by the liberal establishment and Marxist teachers into feeling guilty for black slavery that took place in the industrialising world.

What if I was to tell you that way before black slavery became prominent in the colonies, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish were enslaved by the ruling elite that then made up our parliament? Given the increased betrayal of the British people over recent years, I am sure it would come as no real surprise.

Slavery has always been a raceless issue; whilst many slaves are taken because they are seen as subhuman, all races have been victims of slavery, and that includes whites.

The information in this article is based upon the book, “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America“, by American researcher, Michael. A. Hoffman.

In Ancient Greece whites were enslaved and used for the manual tasks the higher up classes did not want to partake in. Also, in Ancient Rome, Gauls and Angles (early English) were taken as slaves – Caesar enslaved as many as one million Gauls.

Viking raiders sold captured Britons into slavery in the Muslim world, whom of which, were using slaves for numerous jobs, including military service.

White slaves acted as a form of foreign exchange when dealing with Muslim countries – mostly English people living on the coast, Slavs, Irish and Flemish slaves were sold to the Muslim world, or kidnapped by Muslim pirates, and whilst the men were worked to death as galley slaves, women and children were made into prostitutes.

The establishment also likes to make us think that the slavery that took place in Spain involves a mass number of black slaves – but – until the fall of Muslim Spain, whites made up the majority of slaves in Spain.

The Russians, when they weren’t enslaving each other, were being enslaved by Ottoman and Mongolian raiders.

The filthy Muslims captured hundreds of thousands of our White women over the years, raping them and selling them as prostitutes.

In the summer of 1716, a Cornish cabin boy named Thomas Pellow and fifty-one of his comrades were captured at sea by the Barbary pirates (corsairs). Their captors, Ali Hakem and his network of Islamic slave traders, had declared war on the whole of Christendom. France, Spain, England and Italy had suffered a series of devastating attacks. Thousands of Europeans had been snatched from their homes and taken in chains to the great slave markets of Algiers, Tunis and Salé in Morocco. This story can be read in more depth in “White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One Million White Slaves“.

Historian Richard Dunn has stated that the early sugar plantations of the British West Indies were nothing more than mass graves for white workers. (Sugar and Slaves: The Rise of the Planter Class in the English West Indies, p. 302)

The most recent direct slavery that Britons had to endure took place when our parliament passed laws that resulted in the poorest Britons being sent to work in the colonies (modern day US). An Englishman, William Eddis, after observing white slaves in America: “they groan beneath a worse than Egyptian bondage”.

Aristocratic Tories, such as Sir Humphrey Mackworth, supported the programme of slavery forced upon the poorest. This came at a time when, quite frustratingly, British Parliament was condemning the black slavery that was taking place in the West Indies. Yes – whilst whining about mistreated black slaves in the West Indies, they were passing laws that enabled their own people to be sold into slavery. Work that one out!

Oliver Cromwell, whilst known for oppressing Catholics, also enslaved many Protestant whites; many of them also sent to the colonies. In February, 1656, Oliver Cromwell sent 1,200 poor women for enslavement and deportation to the colonies. In March, he repeated the process, but increased the order to “2,000 young women of England.”

Charles II continued to enslave white Protestants after Cromwell. In 1656, when ensuring the enslavement of Protestant rebels in the Caribbean colonies, the legislation he passed resulted in very harsh conditions for the slaves – Richard Hall noted, in “Acts Passed in the Island of Barbados”: “The condition of these Rebels was by this Act made as bad, if not worse than the negroes”.

White slaves in the 1860’s.

Slavery manifested itself in all sorts of forms. The Cherokee Indians and many blacks were even known to have purchased or obtained white slaves. The Southern Confederacy’s land owners were actually known to treat the black slaves to better clothes, accommodation and food – as compared to the white slaves. This was because black slaves, being much rarer in the earlier years of slavery in the colonies, were also much more costly and so land owners treated the blacks well, even if for their own interests. Due to this, many white slaves died of malnutrition or of various diseases.

Whilst many of the white slaves in the later years were criminals, many of them were political prisoners, including Scottish Royalists sent to the colonies as slaves after the Battle of Worcestor, during the English Civil War. There were also slave hunting gangs that traded slaves illegally, most of the victims, of course, innocent.

If a white slave was to have sexual intercourse with another slave during the 18th century slavery in the colonies, the period they are expected to be a slave would be extended, and if the female white slave got pregnant, the children would have to serve a modern life sentence (give or take a few years) in slavery.

On the topic of child slavery, many British children sold into slavery, some as young as eight, were sold so that they can work on the Virginia fields as labourers. Some were even used as human brooms to sweep chimneys.

Below is a letter from white slave, Elizabeth Sprigs, in Maryland, to her father, John Sprigs, in London, 1756.

“Honoured Father:

…O Dear Father… I am sure you’ll pity your distressed daughter. What we unfortunate English people suffer here is beyond the probability of you in England to conceive.

“Let it suffice that I am one of the unhappy number toiling day and night, and very often in the horse’s druggery, with only the comfort of hearing me called, ‘You bitch, you did not do half enough.’

“Then I am tied up and whipped to that degree that you’d not serve an animal. I have scarce anything but Indian corn and salt to eat and that even begrudged. Nay, many negroes are better used…

“…after slaving after Master’s pleasure, what rest we can get is to wrap ourselves up in a blanket and lay upon the ground. This is the deplorable condition your young Betty endures…”

Bollock bashing was a common punishment used on White slaves.

Whilst the political establishment would tell us blacks got most of the punishment, the truth is, more often than not, it was whites who were punished the most. An eyewitness to black slavery in the South and the treatment of white sailors on American naval ships at sea reported:

…that on board of the American man-of-war that carried him out, he had witnessed more flogging than had taken place on a plantation of five hundred African slaves in ten years” – (Herman Melville, White Jacket or The World in a Man of War, Oxford University Press edition, p.142).

One could argue that the horrendous wages Britons were expected to work on during the industrial period was just wage slavery; just as slaves were given the basic necessities to stop them from dying, British workers were given a wage only high enough to afford the basic necessities to stop them from dying.

Long after slavery was ditched by the British Empire, British children were forced to work down in the mines, or, as the apprentice of a chimney sweep, both jobs that were very low paid and very dangerous. However, if the child didn’t do the job, they would starve and die in the street; nobody would help as people during this time were relatively deprived and had their own families to look after.

The wages in the United Kingdom, although improved from the wages during the industrial period, could still be equated to wage slavery. Considering: the Britons are very highly taxed, many have to live on a horrific minimum wage that has increased very little over the years, and the ridiculous speed of inflation making the cost of living considerably higher – the Briton is becoming a wage slave once again.

A different story to what the “teachers” and lecturers have told us – no?

white slave 001
Clueless liberals with no idea of their own history force unnecessary guilt onto their own children, for crimes they did not commit but were actually the victims of.