The Guardian Publishes Voodoo Op-ed Claiming Covid May be Gaia’s Attempt at Protecting Itself from Humans

James Lovelock, author of the “Gaia theory,” pictured surrounded by nature near a statue of a female.

James Lovelock, the formulator of the “Gaia theory,” this week wrote a bizarre op-ed for The Guardian, in which he claims that the living metaphysical spirit of the planet earth is using the coronavirus to protect itself from humans.

This is hardcore voodoo type stuff, and literally a religious doctrine. It’s rare that the nature of the global warming cult is so naked. Overall, most people believe that the theory of global warming has something to do with observable facts. In actuality, no such facts exist about the belief that human-caused carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can significantly change the weather.

In fact, “climatology” is a completely fake science invented by the United Nations in the 1970s for the specific purpose of promoting global warming. Most people are not aware of that. But frankly, when you see these charts the media presents about how 97% of climatologists believe in global warming, you have to wonder who that 3% is.

This is equivalent to saying “3% of pornography producers say that pornography is seriously harmful to men’s mental and physical health.” The entirety of the livelihood of these scientists is based on getting grants for promoting this hoax.

Not everyone is going to sit down and read long deconstructions of the hoax by scientists not associated with the climatology program. But all you really have to look at to understand the level of absurdity is look at the pie chart showing natural vs. human-release carbon.

It also probably helps if you understand elementary school biology, and the fact that carbon dioxide is literally the gas of life, the root ingredient of all living things, and the thing plants breathe.

The fact is, “The Science” is itself now a religious order, because people believe it without any evidence. There is zero evidence that people can see in their life of the weather getting hotter, or of sea levels rising, or anything else. You must take this on faith. It was “experts in climatology” who were the Aztec priests doing human sacrifice rituals on peasants. They claimed to have accurate insider information that the sun would burn out without the sacrifices.

The thing is, those peasants didn’t have the ability to research “The Science” being presented by “The Experts.” Furthermore, there was no large body of priests saying that the whole thing was a hoax and there was no need to worry about the sun burning out, that the theory was only being used to control the population. So actually, going along with the human sacrifice agenda of the Aztecs was much more understandable than going along with the coronavirus hoax or the global warming hoax.

As this religion of “The Science” is anti-God, it is also satanic.

Lovelock writes for The Guardian:

For billions of years the Earth’s surface temperature has been determined mainly by the radiant heat coming from the sun. This energy increased over time because it is the nature of stars like the sun to increase their heat output as they grow older. But temperatures on Earth remained relatively stable thanks to Gaia: forests, oceans and other elements in the the Earth’s regulating system, which kept the surface temperature fairly constant and near optimal for life.

The global warming that concerns all of us, and which will be discussed this week in Glasgow, includes a great deal of extra heating that comes as a consequence of extracting and burning fossil fuels since about the middle of the 19th century. That releases methane, carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. They absorb radiant heat and stop it escaping from Earth. This is what causes global warming.

Warnings that once seemed like the doom scenarios of science fiction are now coming to pass. We are entering into a heat age in which the temperature and sea levels will be rising decade by decade until the world becomes unrecognisable. We could also be in for more surprises. Nature is non-linear and unpredictable, never more than at a time of transition.

Lowering these risks and adapting to those we can no longer avoid will require a mobilisation of resources on the scale of a war economy. We have no choice but to reduce the burning of fossil fuels or face even worse consequences.

We also need to address the problem of overpopulation and to urgently halt the destruction of tropical forests. Most of all, we need to look at the world in a holistic way.

I am not hopeful of a positive outcome at Cop26, knowing who is participating. I was not invited to Glasgow, though that is hardly a surprise. As well as being 102 years old, I am an independent scientist, and the university academics have never been comfortable with that.

But my fellow humans must learn to live in partnership with the Earth, otherwise the rest of creation will, as part of Gaia, unconsciously move the Earth to a new state in which humans may no longer be welcome. The virus, Covid-19, may well have been one negative feedback. Gaia will try harder next time with something even nastier.

That is the mask coming off.

These climate people are always displaying masochistic tendencies. They talk about how they want to reduce the population, and how everything bad that happens is some kind of response from an angry mommy who is punishing her naughty kids.

Their solutions always involve rituals of human suffering, just like the Pachamama demands the sacrifices of human children.

Gaia, Mother Nature, and Mother Earth are a few of the names that people use to refer to the same entity. This Mother Earth entity is being increasingly name-dropped by the media and the climate cultists. Even the Catholic Church talks about it.

In late 2019, “Pope” Francis participated in some kind of pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens, where Amazon tribespeople gave him statues of Pachamama, a name that literally means “Mother Earth.”

Some people were so disgusted by the heresy that they broke into a church to remove the pagan idol. The Church called it “an act of defiance.”

Is that Mother Earth or Lilith there? (trick question.)

That came after the Vatican Synod on the Amazon proposed the recognition of “ecological sins.” Francis then doubled-down on that and claimed that it was “a duty” to add sins against the environment to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Right before that, Andrew Anglin wrote a piece exposing the satanic nature of popular climate change activism groups.

The climate change hoax is a tool of the globalists, and globalism is satanic.

The globalists are obsessed with worshipping weird female entities. They are constantly subliminally inserting imagery of their idols in popular culture.

All of the talk about Gaia, Mother Earth, and Mother Nature ultimately revolves around making humans suffer to please a weird entity.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this article.