The Guardian: “Joe Biden Will be a President Who is Patient Enough to Read a Report and Knowledgeable Enough to Understand It”

The Guardian is a leftist shill paper, but it’s British and British media isn’t nearly as Jewish as the American media. So they kind of get confused about what they’re supposed to be shilling.

The thesis of their latest Joe Biden shill article is this: “Joe Biden will be a president who is patient enough to read a report and knowledgeable enough to understand it.”

The Jews would know that anyone who reads that will think: “Haha, I doubt ol’ Joe will be reading or understanding much.” But then they will think: “Wait…”

The Jewish media figured out that you need to not say things that Biden is going to personally perform, because it draws attention to the fact that he is so obviously senile. Instead, the media made it an absolute personality contest, which was about the fact that Donald Trump is a mean person.

Whenever they talked about any plans that Joe Biden allegedly has, it referenced one of his people, i.e., “a spokesman for the Biden campaign said…” or “Joe Biden’s advisory board has developed a plan to…”

They never drew attention to the idea of Joe Biden personally doing anything, because they didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that it is obvious to any person that this is a man who cannot get out of bed in the morning and shit, shower and shave without assistance.

It was very cleverly done.

The article itself is the typically vitriolic anti-Trump tropes and canards. But they also slip up a bit on those basics, making it a little bit too frank that the Biden team is planning a bunch of wars. They actually say that Trump hasn’t been hard enough on China, and suggest that Biden has an even more extreme plan to stop “human rights abuses.”

That’s the same Joe Biden who has this on his official transition website:

We have to start a war with the Chinese because of the human rights of Moslems. But the Jews are allowed to commit a genocide against the Moslems whose land they stole because of the Holocaust.

That’s democracy and it’s who we are.