The Guardian Goes Full-Nazi, Claims Genetics Influence Academic Peformance

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2015

"The Guardian of Hitler's Legacy!"
“The Guardian of Hitler’s Legacy!”

Incredibly, the once-SJW newspaper The Guardian has embraced an extreme neo-Nazi, Hitlerian, Fascist, racist-hater ideology, openly claiming that genetics both exist and are a determining factor in academic performance.

You may feel you are just not a maths person, or that you have a special gift for languages, but scientists have shown that the genes influencing numerical skills are the same ones that determine abilities in reading, arts and humanities.

The findings add to growing evidence that school performance has a large heritable component, with around 60% of the differences in pupil’s GCSE results being explained by genetic factors.

Although scientists are yet to pinpoint specific genes, the latest work, published in the journal Scientific Reports, suggests that the same ones are involved across subjects.

Robert Plomin, a professor of genetics at King’s College London and the study’s senior author, said: “We found that academic achievement in English, mathematics, science, humanities, second languages and art were all affected by the same genes. People may think that they’re good at one subject and bad at another, but in reality most people are strikingly consistent.”

Despite The Guardian of Hatred’s racist, bigoted claims that genetic differences exist, Jewish social scientists long ago proved conclusively that genetics are a social construct. That is, the genetics of a person are determined not by DNA, but by factors such as poverty and racism.

Decades before the discovery of DNA, Franz Boas proved that you could alter a person’s genetic make-up by moving them from one place to another.

Adolf Hitler also believed in the pseudoscience of genetic heritablity of human traits. Millions got gassed to death.
Adolf Hitler also believed in the pseudoscience of heritability of human traits through genetics. Millions got gassed to death.

The Hitlerian ideology promoted by The Guardian can only lead to one place: gas chambers.

The article even goes on to suggest racially segregated schooling – subtly talking about “genetic differences in ability.”

In the future, if specific genes were identified, nursery children could be screened to help target those who are likely to require more help learning basic skills such as reading and arithmetic, Plomin added.

The evil Nazi bastards even went so far as to claim that IQ is heritable!

When the scientists factored in IQ scores, they found that intelligence appeared to account for slightly less than half of the genetic component, suggesting that other heritable traits – curiosity, determination and memory, perhaps – play a significant role.

Kaili Rimfeld, who led the study and is also at King’s College London, said: “There’s a general academic achievement factor. Children who do well in one subject tend to better in another subject and that is largely for genetic reasons.”

Next thing you know, these White Supremacists at The Guardian are going to be showing us maps of global IQ distribution –


– and bringing up the ancient racist canard that Black people fail not because of racism, but because of their genetically determined low intelligence!

The United Kingdom has very strict laws about inciting racial hatred, and surely, if anyone ever deserved to be charged with such an offensive it is The Guardian newspaper for daring to suggest that all human beings are not born exactly equal in every way.

I say lock the bastards up and throw away the key. Our diverse and vibrant multicultural society simply cannot tolerate the purposeful spreading of hatred through disproved pseudoscience by these radical hate-mongers.