The Guardian: After Getting the Coronavirus, People Go Insane

Coronavirus is the Swiss Army knife of diseases: it literally does everything.

The Guardian:

One in eight people who have had Covid-19 are diagnosed with their first psychiatric or neurological illness within six months of testing positive for the virus, a new analysis suggests, adding heft to an emerging body of evidence that stresses the toll of the virus on mental health and brain disorders cannot be ignored.

The analysis – which is still to be peer-reviewed – also found that those figures rose to one in three when patients with a previous history of psychiatric or neurological illnesses were included.

It found that one in nine patients were also diagnosed with things such as depression or stroke despite not having gone to hospital when they had Covid-19, which was surprising, said the lead author, Dr Max Taquet of the department of psychiatry at the University of Oxford.

The researchers used electronic health records to evaluate 236,379 hospitalised and non-hospitalised US patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 who survived the disease, comparing them with a group diagnosed with influenza, and a cohort diagnosed with respiratory tract infections between 20 January and 13 December 2020.

What is insane is this article in The Guardian.

Firstly, I don’t believe that one in eight people who get the coronavirus are diagnosed with mental illness, and I think anyone who would believe that number is mentally ill.

Secondly, what is driving people to the point of mental illness is this lockdown.

Clearly, mental health problems are shooting up, just like divorces, suicides and drug abuses (which all fall under the larger banner of “mental health”). That’s what happens when you totally upend society, forcibly shut down work and social life for everyone, then tell them to live in a constant state of fear.

The coronavirus is the flu. That’s all. It has always been the flu. There has never been any real evidence that it is any different than any other seasonal respiratory infection.

This isn’t the T-Virus.

It’s not a “deadly new virus” that is driving people insane. It’s the media, and the government that supports it.