The Great Charlottesville Hack of 2018: A Message to the People of Charlottesville

Daily Stormer
August 13, 2018

I used to live in the Appalachian area of Virginia. Like many people in that area, I would frequently drive to the lovely city of Charlottesville for dining and nightlife options. I went to Dave Matthews shows. I ate sushi at the Tokyo Rose restaurant most weekends. It’s full of warm memories of adolescence for me. I love Charlottesville, and would never want any harm to come to it. I write this post in earnest concern for what’s going on in the city that I have nothing but fond memories of.

In the months prior to the anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, someone I was in contact with via Ricochet was detailing his crew’s immaculate work in creating a false trail that lead a single Charlottesville city official to believe there would be a flash demonstration in Charlottesville this year. The absolutely stunning work these people did involved reverse engineering the message storage file format on mobile phones. Then they created a mobile phone that contained forged conversations. The forgery had many conversations involving several of the the figures in the first Unite The Right rally, made to appear as if they planned a subsequent surprise event on this year’s anniversary.

The mobile phone was shipped solely to Wes Bellamy, a member of the Charlottesville City Council and former vice mayor. He responded by personally arranging the presence of the anti-American terrorists shipped into Charlottesville yesterday with the intent of making trouble.

The governor declared a state of emergency once more, as Bellamy’s mobs descended upon your city. They found no American patriots waiting to assault, so they spent their criminal intent on your neighborhoods and city employees.

These anti-American terrorists engaged in 76 separate acts of violence that we know of yesterday. In the most serious, they attacked an innocent law enforcement officer:

This is what a leftist “protest movement” actually looks like.

They also spat on the innocent citizens of the city:

While all this was going on, Wes Bellamy had the gall to defend his mob of violent and disgusting thugs and pretend that they were not doing anything wrong.


They weren’t doing anything that was unlawful. And I asked if you could why the students would be upset when they see a hundred cops in riot gear that just escalates the situation.”

I don’t know about you, but I find vicious, unprovoked physical assault on law enforcement officers and spitting on people to be universally unacceptable and obviously criminal behavior.

Everyone in the city of Charlottesville saw what happened yesterday. These were not students, as Wes Bellamy claims to the media outlet which collaborates with his Democratic PAC. I don’t know a single student at the University of Virginia that goes around spitting on people, and I don’t think you do either. These were hostile foreigners, imported by bus, train, and plane at massive expense and the behest of Wes Bellamy to help score him political points at the expense of your fine city. These are not the actions of someone who cares about the city and people of Charlottesville. These are not the actions of an earnest and caring leader in any city in the world.

It is not hard to see how the presence of these individuals the previous year lead to massive amounts of violence and chaos.

Simultaneously in DC, there was a rally where city officials did not conspire to create street fights between rival groups. Some utterly harmless kooks came in, in an orderly fashion, gave their speeches, and left. And that’s exactly what would have happened last year, if Vice-Mayor Bellamy had not arranged the importation of a massive number of thugs and criminals to your city and set them against a lawful, permitted assembly.

Dave is right, these crimes between us grow deeper. ?

The fake phone was shipped to Wes Bellamy alone. His subsequent actions amongst city officials leading to yesterday’s violence and blight upon your city are his alone to bear, and he should be held responsible for them. There is a direct pipeline between Bellamy and street violence two years in a row, with no pro-Trump activists present during the second year. The elected officials of Charlottesville were responsible for this year’s violence and chaos, just as they were the last year. That’s an objective fact. Bellamy is personally responsible for all the chaos and misery that has been visited upon your city, including the spontaneous death of Heather Heyer by the heart attack that she suffered out of shock at seeing James Fields driving recklessly due to the panic he was in after being chased by a Communist terrorist with an assault rifle and having his car hit with a bat:

I urge Charlottesville residents to ask Councilman Bellamy about the phone he received and the actions he took afterwards. Ask him under oath. The answers you will get will both enlighten and disturb you, and you will soon find out who is actually responsible for the violence and chaos that has plagued your city two years in a row, because it was not anyone involved in a lawful and peaceful assembly.