The Great Axe Bodyspray Explosion of 2018

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2018

As a 30-year-old boomer, I do like the bottles. They remind me of the bottles of various energy drinks.

But they’re not so pretty after a gigantic truck explosion, are they?

Next time you lose your shit when the airplane security takes your deodorant, remember all the people who died in the great deodorant explosion of 2018.

May they rest in perspirant-free peace.


A semi fire shut down a Texas interstate Friday morning.

Officials in Belton, Texas say the truck carrying Axe body spray caught fire about 4 a.m. on Interstate 35. The fire quickly spread and ignited the body spray.

Cans of the spray exploded and launched from the truck scattering debris across the interstate.

No one was injured in the fire. But the interstate was shutdown for more than eight hours for the cleanup.


No one was injured.

It’s a shame… I was hoping that this would be the thing that finally woke people up to the dangers of spray deodorant.

Speaking of deodorant though – you shouldn’t use anti-perspirant. It’s pretty dangerous. It has a chemical in it that blocks the sweat glands from releasing sweat, which can cause them to swell up. Who knows what the hell that does to your body, but it cannot be good.

It actually is contributing to some extent – probably more than we’re being told – to breast cancer in women.

Just use normal scented something and change your shirt when you sweat too much.

Actually, it probably all has a bunch of poisonous estrogenic chemicals in it. Parabens confuse the way your body regulates estrogen.

It’s all such a nightmare to be surrounded by all of this in the modern world, and to try to have to figure it out.