The Greasiest Cuckolding of All

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2015

It's what White women crave!
It’s what White women crave!

The White European female’s craving for Black dick threatens to collapse civilization itself.

A woman with a Sisters Uncut sash has a poster 'No One is Illegal' on the handlebars of her bike on the 'Refugees Welcome Here' national march through London.000_Hkg10208959-940x470 JS71528807 21354998962_54121ea6d0_b 1442083577-thousands-march-through-central-london-for-refugees-welcome-here_8528446 1297775720915_ORIGINAL 451726_img650x420_img650x420_crop 1442105159-refugees-welcome-here-national-demonstration-held-in-london_853136321370416141_793e1b323e_b h_52172926 Refugees-Welcome-sign-germany-RuptlyYoutube

White women across the Western world have been put in control of Western societies, and they are using this control to ensure an endless supply of Black and Arab men to satisfy their depraved sexual desires.

“Cuckolding” is the act of a woman cheating on her husband. This also often involves her getting pregnant by the other man and using the husband’s resources to raise a child which is not his.

This is your life on sluts.
This is your life on sluts.

White women – an undetermined percentage of them, but apparently most – are calling for Europe to be flooded with Black and Arab men so they can have sex with them. They are using the resources of White men to feed and clothe these objects of their sexual desire.

German women regularly get all up on men in refugee camps and attempt to have sex with them publicly.
German women regularly get all up on men in refugee camps and attempt to have sex with them publicly.
Angela Merkel is said to require "dicks numbering in the hundreds" to satisfy her terrible urges.
Angela Merkel is said to require “dicks numbering in the hundreds per week” to satisfy her terrible urges.

Psychologists are uncertain about the nature of the drive of these White women to engage in bestial sex with unevolved monkeymen, but the running theory is that they do this because White men have become cowardly faggots, incapable of arousing sexual desire in their own females.

It may also be that “I’m going to have sex with these monkeymen” is a cry for help, and that women are attempting to get their men to stand up and stop them from engaging in this act. The men do not stop them, perhaps because they themselves get off on it, sexually.

Your standard cuckold
Your standard euro-cuckold

Other theories include the theory that these women are all just filthy whores, and should be slapped around.

Whatever the cause, there is but one solution and that is for men to start acting like men again, to stand up to these sluts and put them back in their place.

Because make no bones about it: if men stand by, women will absolutely fully implement the Jewish plan for the Islamization of Europe. They will do it with a smiling face and legs spread wide.

Where Men are Still Men

The theory is borne out in that we can see a spectrum of immigrant-coddling which correlates directly to the level to which a society is dominated by masculinity.

Underneath their baggy clothes, antifa look like GRIDS patients. They may indeed by GRIDS patients, given that while their women screw Blacks, they enjoy screwing one another.
Underneath their baggy clothes, antifas look like GRIDS patients. They may indeed be GRIDS patients, given that while their women screw Blacks, they enjoy screwing one another.

The least masculine societies are the most accepting of invasion and most enjoy watching their women get banged by coloreds. These are the UK, Sweden, Germany and France. Slightly more masculine societies, such as Italy, Spain and Greece are seeing more pushback against the invasion. The most masculine societies – the Slavs – are pushing back the most.

The biggest part of this is not Jews. All of these countries are flooded with Jews. The biggest part is the level of power you give to females, and females will take whatever power they are able to take. The degree of female power is equivalent to the weakness of men.

An unleashed female behaves – literally – no different than a Jew. As Otto Weininger famously discovered, all a Jew actually is is an unhinged female, given that the Jew racial soul is fundamentally feminine.

Beyond flooding you with apemen for their sexual pleasure, unleashed females will engage in the following:

  • Tax you and give your money to genetically deficient or otherwise pathetic people or stupid programs with no point
  • Take your weapons from you
  • Shut down your freedoms, including freedom of speech, as well as basically any other freedom you can think of
  • Systematically inflict psychological harm on your male children
  • Push for faggots and other weird sexual things
  • Demean White men at every opportunity, through every method available
  • Use feelings as a justification for real world actions which have real world consequences and not care or think about the consequences
  • Shill for the Blacks
  • Institute an Orwellian police state
  • Insist normal people have psychological problems and give them drugs
  • Kill babies
  • Figure out unique ways to destroy the institutions of your civilization

Along with women doing this, the more feminine men become, the more they will align themselves with the female agenda. As such, physically soft men – skinny, flabby or both – will be very likely to engage in the Jewlike behavior of females. You should not trust men with very low muscle mass, as they are likely to try and Jew you.

It is time to throw aside sluttery and bring back the patriarchy.

Civilization depends on it.

Hail Victory.