The Goyim Know – Convene the Council

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2016

the goyim know convene the council

Following yesterday’s article on the ADL’s Jewish council which has been convened to take down weev and myself (as well as the larger anti-Semitic troll community), I have further thoughts. I will herein explain why it is they feel so threatened by people making fun of them on the internet that they have convened this council.

It is not intuitive that rich and powerful people would feel threatened by angry, disenfranchised and largely powerless people making fun of them on the internet. Truly, it is impossible to imagine anyone other than Jews assembling an elite team to try and silence people making fun of them on the internet.

convene the council the goyim know

But they fear our memes. Because our memes are truth and their power is based on lies.

What our memes do is cut to the heart of Jewish power, which is entirely based on their identity as victims. They rule by claiming they are oppressed. It is a very neat trick, but a very easy trick to expose, if one has the will to do so. The situation was, no one had the will to do it before.

Mocking the alleged Holocaust while pointing to the extreme degree of Jewish influence in society totally disarms them. And couched in humor, it is very easy for the average person to grasp.

le happy merchant fake shower gassingmerchant puppet

From there, you can very easily turn Hitler into a folk hero, and solidify the counter-narrative that everything bad which has happened to Western civilization in the last 70 years was the result of the Jews being the ultimate victors of WWII.

Sick of the Whining

On a fundamental level, people are aware of the level of Jewish whining that goes on. They see the endless stream of movies about the Holocaust, they see the nonstop accusations of anti-Semitism against anyone who says anything about their behavior. If you mock that, you put them in a place where they can no longer simply assert their victim status, but must instead explain it, which they are totally incapable of doing.

While our campaign against Julia Ioffe is being cited as the reason for convening this council, I think the campaign against Jonathan Weisman was much more instructive for the Jews. In this situation, the Jew Weisman mass retweeted “anti-Semitic abuse,” virtually all of which involved genuine criticism of the Jews.

questions for weisman

A list of questions I composed for Weisman, based on the content of the tweets he retweeted.

It began when Weisman, a New York Times journalist, reposted an article from another Jew, Robert Kagan, attacking Donald Trump as a “fascist.” Immediately, he was swarmed by trolls, calling him out on his Jewish subversion, mocking him and bringing up the phenomenally disproportionate Jewish influence on Western society. He retweeted the anti-Semites, expecting sympathy, based purely on his identity as a victimized Jew. And yet, sympathy didn’t come. At least not very much.

The rest of the Jews have also had a very difficult time gaining sympathy as of late. They are totally shocked that they are able to run around screaming about how people are being mean to them and not have the entire society bowing down and begging for an opportunity to help them stop these hurt feelings.

And we are to blame.

not this time kikes

People were getting fed-up with whining and claiming victimhood in general, due to the SJW movement which the Jews have pushed as the zeitgeist of modern society, and we have successfully connected the victimhood-fatigue to the Jews.

The full ramifications of this are not yet clear, but they are coming into view.

We spread an idea which has worked its way all the way down to the normies through various outlets, then we intensified this, forcing them to expose themselves by begging for pity while openly holding high-power positions in society. What they ended up with was “someone has to protect New York Times journalists from random NEETs on the internet who are calling them mean names.”

This is an unworkable narrative.

We broke them.


Digging a Deeper Hole

We have trapped these Jews in a spiral where everything they do to fight back only further proves our initial assertion: that rather than being an oppressed minority, they are a vicious and incomprehensibly powerful ruling elite hellbent on destroying Western civilization.

The convening of this ADL council takes it to the next level. It proves what we are saying much beyond the extent to which we were capable of proving it.


Ostensibly for the purpose of proving wrong our claim that they are an oppressive ruling minority, they have brought together an international elite cabal of former high-level government officials, prominent academics and influential journalists to lobby the government to silence us.

Again: our only job is to expose them.

We have effectively forced them to do this job for us.

The is Very, Very Important

I don’t know what these people are planning, but I do know that a non-profit organization convening a council of elite operatives to silence internet trolls the biggest freedom of speech-related story this year.

And free speech is the issue – forget this Orwellian gibberish.


“Journalists are used to being criticized, but this election cycle we repeatedly have seen criticism quickly cross the line into ugly anti-Semitic and other hateful attacks including death threats,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “ADL has been monitoring, studying, and speaking out against anti-Semitism, racism, and other hate for years. We hope to bring our experience to this latest manifestation of it so we can take steps to address this challenge even as we strive to ensure that we do not jeopardize free speech and a free press.”

There are already laws to deal with death threats – this doesn’t require the convening of a council.

Julia Ioffe claims to have received death threats, yet she also admited on CNN that when she reported these alleged death threats to the police, they said they couldn’t do anything about it. Meaning that they weren’t actual death threats, or they would have attempted to track down the IPs of whoever sent them and charge them with malicious communication.

And this thing about “we want to silence them, but we also love free speech” is insane. There is no way to silence someone’s speech while also supporting free speech.

If Alex Jones refuses to cover this, I will be shocked. Honestly.

alex jones

Because as soon as they shut down the anti-Semites, his “Infowarrior” conspiracy bit is next.

The same goes for people holding conferences where they talk about race but avoid the Jews, and people who make cute little YouTube comedy videos about Black people.

This is one place where we are all in it together, whether we like it or not.

Freedom of speech is something that must be defended for all, or no one has it.

Last Thing

Remember to tweet the members of this ADL council, and let them know what you think of their attacks on free speech.

Here’s a list of the ones who have Twitter.



If you don’t have Twitter yet, now is an excellent time to make an account.

We are winning.

They are admitting we’re winning.

Let’s keep on winning.

Hail Victory.