The “Good Sex” Hoax and the Vile, Debased Nature of Women

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020

The true vikings fight for the purity of true Aryan goo-holes.

I recently came across a neo-Nazi who was telling his followers not to worry about trying to find virginal wives:

Protip: girls don’t like being called whores and you don’t have to be her first, just her best.

This is absolutely cancerous thinking, and it is evil to tell young men things like this. This line of reasoning makes you a servant of some stupid whore.

Why should your value be dependent on your ability to engage in an act to pleasure some woman? Why should your self-image, let alone your ability to have a normal family and reproduce, be based on this?

This “protip” also sets men up to be self-conscious about their sexual performance, which is anti-male bullshit.

You have to be “her best,” so it is your duty as a man to figure out how to sexually please her more than other men have.

As if anyone even understands the meaning of “good sex.” What absolute boomer tripe. I hear men talking about how “good in bed” a woman is and I’m like “wow so I guess she was really squirming around a lot, huh?”

What the heck does this even mean?

The only measure of “good” or “bad” sex is the physical fitness of the couple – much more so the man, because he is going to be the one exerting 95% of the energy. This modern “woman on top” style sex is just a disgusting porno myth and actually you can basically never get proper motions in that position. More importantly, having a woman “in control” on top of you like that is vile and degrading. No man should ever subject himself to being underneath a woman during the act of copulation. It’s virtually on the level of cunnilingus, and at that point, you might as well just let her peg you with a strap-on.

The ideal and appropriate position is to have her on all fours, and to enter from behind. This is also the natural position of human mating, given that beds did not used to exist.

All the “quality” of sex can be based on beyond physical fitness is the degree of the woman’s enthusiasm and the extent to which you otherwise enjoy the woman’s company. There is no “technique” involved in this, beyond the technique that is involved in running.

Obviously, you should enjoy the sex. But your ability to enjoy it is going to be based on your strength and stamina (general fitness). You should assume that if you enjoy it, she enjoys it. And if you do not make a thing of trying to please her, she will overall be more satisfied with the experience. Trying to please her simply leads to debasement. And if you do what she really wants, you are on a road to darkness and evil.

Women are Vile and Disgusting

What neo-Nazis don’t understand, due to their lack of sexual experience, is that women are disgusting and savage animals. Their lack of sexual experience should be a virtue, and something they are proud of, as being “sexually accomplished” is still this stupid boomer meme. Instead, these neo-Nazis speak on something they clearly know nothing about. I’m sure some of them have had sex before, in stupid casual situations, or with girlfriends. Some of them may even have been married. But they have never seen the depths of female depravity, which is why they are able to maintain the illusion of female purity.

Here’s the truth about what is considered “good sex” for a woman: every single woman just wants to be slapped and choked during sex. That is what women crave more than anything. That is what she will compliment you on, that is what will make her obsessed with you and keep texting you compulsively afterward. I’ve even heard tell that literal hookers will ask you to choke them, if you’re a muscly and aloof young guy, and they want to use the opportunity of you paying them for sex to act out their own sex fantasies on you in-between business sessions with old men.

You all know that the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy topped the best selling books list for the 2010s, right?

This is a porno book series about a man taking a woman and doing BDSM on her, and how she feels so hot because she is completely powerless when she is controlled by him. It is written by a woman.

Is the neo-Nazi theory that Jews tricked women into reading these books?

Teenage girls read these books.

Women will not act on their sick fantasies with men who they view as weak, so a lot of men go through their lives, and have real life sexual experiences, without understanding that all these girls want is for some guy with muscles to grab them by the throat and slap them with his other hand.

And guess what they want you to call them when they’re being choked and slapped?

That’s right, friend: she wants you to call her a “filthy whore.”

Women are so vile that you just can’t even believe it.

Just so you understand: I am not encouraging anyone to do these sick BDSM type acts with a woman, ever. She will enjoy it, but you will feel dirty afterward, and that may stay with you for a long time. What I am doing is illustrating to you what an absolute garbage statement this is:

Protip: girls don’t like being called whores and you don’t have to be her first, just her best.

A woman does not give a shit if you caress her and kiss her all over and whisper how much you love her. That will not be “her best.” She wants to be choked, slapped and called a whore, and you will only be considered “her best” if you are able to do that in a more violent and disgusting way than the previous men who have done this to her.

Obviously, if you are extremely handsome, or rich, or famous, or otherwise powerful, that will heighten the experience for her, and make her feel that the sex was better. Because a woman’s arousal mechanism is almost entirely psychological, and it is based on the value she perceives you as having.

So, to recap:

  1. The act itself is based on physical fitness.
  2. Allowing a woman to “take the reins” by being on top is humiliating and emasculating. It basically creates a situation where you are the woman. Women don’t respect this.
  3. If you are exclusively concerned about your own enjoyment, this will lead to her having a higher opinion of you, because you aren’t acting like her servant.
  4. The ultimate desire of women is to be choked, slapped and called a whore.
  5. If you’re extremely handsome/rich/famous/powerful, that will increase her view of how “good” the sex was.

The actual act of “how can you maneuver your pumps” is not of any value to her, and only boomers should be so stupid. This whole discussion of “good sex” is grotesque, and yet somehow it has been normalized to the point where neo-Nazis believe it is appropriate to tell young men that the most important thing is to be “good at sex” in order to please women.

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The bottom line of all of this is that men should never, ever stoop to thinking about how much a woman enjoys sex. If you do that, you are like some pathetic little dog. No woman respects that.

But hey – I guess if your relationship is dependent on you being “the best a girl has ever had,” and you don’t want to choke, slap and pull hair, then you’d better go get yourself one of these:

Being a little bitch boy with a Jap vibrator will be easier on your soul than slapping that whore around and spitting in her face and all the rest of these things she craves.