The Golden Dawn Program for Exiting the Crisis and Memorandum

XA Ameriki
March 1, 2015


It has been less than 48 hours from the supreme memorandum acrobatics of the SANEL (SYRIZA-Independent Greeks) coalition in the eurogroup. The government bowed before their creditors and requested an extension of the memorandum, such a policy which pushes the Greek ship straight to the rocks with the amenities of the Deutsche bank and the investors, who will come to purchase at fire sale prices the remains of the Greek state.

However the men and women of Golden Dawn take no pleasure in the failure of the government, even if that means a rise in our percentages. The challenge for us is the salvation of our country and our people from the predatory international moneylenders rather than a short lived political benefit which does not express the will of any Greek citizen.
24 hours separate us since the government proposals have been announced and they have to be measured and analyzed in order to determine which of them will be taken in the next four months. The government has already agreed to remain in the memorandum context since the alterations must be equivalent and consistent with the logic of the Troika and furthermore none of the memorandum laws will be abolished.

We are the only national opposition  in the Greek parliament, our duty is not only to combat the anti-national power through parliamentary procedures but also to propose solutions to the problems of the country.

So let’s make some constructive suggestions for termination of the crisis

1) Αuditing the public debt

The solution to the Greek problem requires the immediately erasing the illegal and onerous debt paid by the Greek people. Unfortunately the memorandum governments do not serve the the best interests of the country but the interests of the international usurers. Golden Dawn aims for the immediate auditing of the public debt and for every loan agreement dating back from 1974 until today. Simultaneous formation of special audit teams to investigate every file of ministries and public organizations. Something like this has never been done in  Greece and it will reveal who has received money “under the table”   the last decades. Above all it will officially reveal which part of the debt is illegal and our state will refuse to pay.

2) Clearance

According to a report of the international transparency department  in the Macedonian university of Thessaloniki, the corruption costs in Greece annually amount to the astronomical sum of 14 billion euros. As a result the only way is the abolition of immunity for the members of parliament and the law for minister’s liability act. Remove the decadent crooks from public life.
Establishment of specific control groups in search of those responsible for squandering the public money in all ministries, government agencies and other institutions of cleptocracy such as tv channels , newspapers, construction companies and other plutocratic companies, as well as in several lists as Lagarde, Liechtenstein, London etc.Their referral to special courts, imprisonment of offenders and confiscation of their property.

3) Disengagement from the debts

For the period of 2012-2014 private banks have received more than 50 billion euros for their recapitalization. These debts do not concern the Greek people since those responsible for them are these private banks.So it is not acceptable for this to be paid by the people. This setting has indeed gone through eurogroup concerning Spain therefore it can be easily done in the case of Greece as well.

4) Claiming of occupation loans

During the occupation the German army received money in the form of a loan from the bank of Greece (besides the seizures and the destruction that Greece suffered). This debt was acknowledged by the Germans and they even started to pay it off before the end of the war. During the peace conference in Paris in 1946 the occupation debt of Germany to Greece was estimated to be 100 billion euros.Since then the debt ceased being interest free and after the addition of a symbolic rate the total amount of the debt stands today at the 510 billion euros. Certainly there have been evaluations made by reputable European economists who estimate the debt approximately to 575 billion euros. (Jacques Delpla newspaper Les Echos 23-6-2011) The Golden Dawn focuses on the intensive claim of the occupation loan from the German government which is also greatly responsible for the bubble of the Greek debt. The generous loans that Greece received by the European community for the last few decades , gave life to the German export industry and are being paid off until today under appalling usurer terms. Only a truly national leadership can claim the Greek rights and the offsetting of our debt to Germany with the occupation loan.

These are a few of the measures that a government can take in order to have direct benefits for the relief of the Greek people. Dare the government to fight the plutocracy and the mass media who support it? If they really need and wish more planning they are welcome to receive the program of Golden Dawn which is available to all Greeks!