The Globalists Nab Alex Jones for Drunk Driving!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2020

So you’re going to tell me that it’s a coincidence that as soon as Alex Jones makes his transformation into Aryan Jones and declares a white power revolt he coincidentally gets arrested for drunk driving?

As if he hadn’t been drunk driving this entire time, with total success?

Daily Mail:

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was arrested for drunk driving in Texas, before taking to his fake news website to brand the incident a ‘DWI dragnet’ and claiming he was only picked up because cops needed to up their arrest rates.

But a police report claims that cops were called to his home after a family altercation that ‘was physical’ earlier in the day and ended with him driving away following a verbal argument.

A woman described as his ‘wife’ told officers he had been drinking and by 10pm Monday night, they pulled him over in Austin and smelled a strong odor of alcohol, TMZ reported.

Jones confessed to drinking a bottle while at dinner with his partner a couple of hours before, documents state. It’s unclear who the woman is. Jones divorced Kelly Jones in 2015.

After a dispute at the sushi restaurant he walked home but when the spat continued at home he got behind the wheel to go to another residence.

Despite drinking, Jones blew slightly below the legal limit of 0.08 in two breathalyzer tests. However he failed sobriety field tests. Cops said he swayed and lost balance.

Soon after midnight Jones was charged with driving while intoxicated, according to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

Kristen Dark, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, said the driving while intoxicated charge is a class B misdemeanor.

Jones was released on bond hours later at 4.11am after a bond of $3,000 was posted.

The far-right conspiracy theorist has since taken to his fake news website InfoWars to blast the incident as a ‘DWI dragnet’.

Jones stopped just short of calling it a conspiracy, saying he was ‘caught up in a Travis Co. DWI dragnet after county criticized for low number of arrests’.

Wow, hostile much, Daily Mail?

Almost as if you fear an Aryan Uprising, huh?

Infowars is not a fake news website. Maybe some of that stuff they repost from Natural News is fake news, actually. But in general, it is not a fake news website and I resent it being called that.

Google knows what’s up – when you reverse image search Aryan’s arrest photo, what does the AI recognize it as?

That’s right, folks – Aryan Jones is a gentleman.

He is obviously not drunk in that photo. And the cops admit that he blew below the legal limit. I have never even heard of forcing someone to do a sobriety test after they blow the breathalyzer. That actually does sound like a conspiracy. It’s not like the cops who pulled him over didn’t know who he was. Everyone in the world knows who he is.

Except Marco Rubio, of course. That little gay spic faggot.

What is also a conspiracy is renaming a “DUI” a “DWI.” Why did they do that?

Here’s Alex’s statement on the arrest where he explains he has to take depressants like alcohol to suppress his love for freedom.

He really had a good point about this “stand on one foot” thing they do being arbitrary, goofy nonsense. He says, “if somebody’s swerving back and forth, arrest them for reckless driving.”

And that is the obvious thing.

This entire DUI industry is just a money scam, and a scam to get you into the system. I have one. I think it’s cleared from my record now because I was young when it happened and they have some forgiveness program for young people, but I’ve otherwise gone my whole life without committing a crime, and I’m in the police system because I got pulled over for speeding by 3 miles an hour after having two drinks and got told by the cops to do some “stand on one foot and spin around while rubbing your belly and reciting the alphabet backwards” bullshit.

If Donald Trump pardons Jones before dying of Coronavirus, I’ll consider his presidency a success.

It would be best if Trump’s last word were “I pardon Alex Jones… ugghhh.”


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