The ‘German’ Revolution of 1918 and the Stab-in-the-Back ‘Myth’

Reinhard Batavus
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2013

A young Adolf Hitler experienced the treachery of the Jews first hand during the first world war.
A young Adolf Hitler experienced the treachery of the Jews first hand during the first world war.

When reading about Adolf Hitler, you often come across the allegation that he advocated telling a “big lie.” A quote is often paraphrased as some variation of “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

This notorious quote perfectly and incorrectly supports the image of an evil Hitler, who used the innocent Jews as a scapegoat. In fact, this sentence is an abbreviated version of a much longer passage from Mein Kampf.

In that passage, he is not explaining how he lies, or thinks lying is a good idea. On the contrary, he talks about how the Jews were guilty of fabricating a big lie about the causes of the German defeat in the First World War. The Jews claimed that general Ludendorff was responsible, while in fact the Jews themselves were to blame. Apart from the Jewish guilt, the Allied armies vastly outnumbered the German ones, partly because of their large-scale use of African and Asian colonial troops.

Scheming Jews

The Jews played a very central and back-stabbing role in Germany’s defeat, in the following two ways:

1. The Jewish Lord Rothschild used his connections with American Jewry to get America into the war. This was, of course, very easy for the Jews there, who were in control of the media and were serving in senior government functions. In return, the British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour wrote a declaration, promising the Jews their own Zionist state in Palestine.

2. The Marxist Jews in Germany organized strikes and revolutions. Hitler expands on this in his book. These Jews were trying to stir division between the Bavarians and the Prussians, between the common man and the aristocracy, etc. Also they did their best to agitate the soldiers against their government.

These are two cunning, scheming methods. The first one capitalist and the second one communist, but both wholly Jewish. The average Fritz wasn’t so much aware of the first method, but many were aware of the second. It is hardly unreasonable to refer to this as a stab in the back. History books today describe this idea as an “anti-Semitic canard,” and a way of the generals to escape responsibility, while in facts stand proving that the loss of WWI was a result of Jewish manipulation.

Hitler came to understand, through experience, that capitalism and communism were two sides of the same Jewish coin.
Hitler came to understand, through experience, that capitalism and communism were two sides of the same Jewish coin.

Let’s take a closer look at point 2. After the Bolshevik putsch in Russia, Germany had made peace with the Russians. Because of this, these troops could be send to reinforce the French-Belgian front. Also, the Italian front was doing quite well in 1917 and early 1918. Even after America’s entry into the war, Germany’s defeat was not imminent. Then the Jews arranged for lots of labor strikes, including in munitions factories, and created revolts. The revolutionaries wanted the war to end and the Emperor to step down. They succeeded, and Germany descended into chaos in 1918-19.

A Civil War

This Wikipedia article discusses the revolutions of Germany at that time, which were practically tantamount to a civil war (naturally, without naming the Jew). On this page we do find a list with names of the leaders of the Marxist revolutionaries, who were – surprise – almost all Jews.

Let’s take a look at the names:

§  Rosa Luxemburg

§  Kurt Eisner

§  Karl Radek

§  Karl Liebknecht

§  Leo Jochiges

§  Clara Zetkin

§  Ernst Toller

§  Gustav Landauer

§  Eugene Levine

§  Paul Levi

All these people but one, were Jews. Clara Zetkin probably was not a Jewess, but she was in a relationship and had children with the Russian Jew Ossip Zetkin.

Let that sink in for a moment. This so-called German revolution, was even less German than the Russian revolution was Russian. It was a Jewish coup, and staged while Germany was fighting a battle for life or death.

We see that the Jews weren’t the innocent victims that they want us to believe they always are. Hitler’s anti-Jewish policies were based on a very real problem. A problem that Hitler, getting stabbed in the back while fighting for the fatherland in the trenches of WWI, experienced personally.

The problem was and is a racial problem, as most of these Marxist Jews had abandoned their “religion.”

Marxist Propaganda and the Settlement

This Marxist site tells us that the Jew Karl Liebknecht in 1915, in the middle of the war, published a treasonous pamphlet:

In May 1915, Liebknecht published a pamphlet, The Main Enemy Is At Home! He argued: “The main enemy of the German people is in Germany: German imperialism, the German war party, German secret diplomacy. This enemy at home must be fought by the German people in a political struggle, cooperating with the proletariat of other countries whose struggle is against their own imperialists. We think as one with the German people – we have nothing in common with the German Tirpitzes and Falkenhayns, with the German government of political oppression and social enslavement. Nothing for them, everything for the German people. Everything for the international proletariat, for the sake of the German proletariat and downtrodden humanity.”

He wanted to make the Germans believe that their real enemy was Germany. Liebknecht, along with the other Marxist leaders, should have been executed right there and then.

Karl Liebknecht.
Karl Liebknecht.

This is just one example of the many efforts by Jews in Germany to assist the enemy. The Marxist Jews wanted nothing less than a German defeat. Not because they wanted peace, but because they wanted to take over the country, as they did in Russia the year before. Their main propaganda outlet was the Vorwärts newspaper, often mentioned by Hitler in Mein Kampf. The Vorwärts was so instrumental in stirring the unrest, that the November 9, 1918 issue (2 days before the armistice) is even featured as the first picture on the Wikipedia page on General Strikes. The editors-in-chief during the war were the Jews Rudolf Hilferding and Friedrich Stampfer. This paper was filled with Marxist and pacifist propaganda. Pacifism might sound nice – after all, who doesn’t like peace? – but in the middle of a war, pacifism is suicidal and treasonous. The rest of the German press was in Jewish hands as well, and also protested against the war, the emperor and Prussian militarism. Although their tone was milder, the message entering the minds of their readers was just as poisonous.

After Germany’s surrender, the Jews succeeded in bringing several areas under a Marxist reign of terror. This was fortunately only short-lived.

The real people's revolution.
The real people’s revolution.

After 15 years of sin, depravity, mass-unemployment, hyper-inflation, international financiers leeching the economy, mass prostitution, famines and other disasters, the Weimar Republic experienced a real German revolution. A national revolution of the German people themselves, not of an alien parasite. This revolution happened in a more peaceful and democratic way than any other in history.

Unfortunately today Jewish claws are pulling the strings again in Germany and many other once-autonomous countries. Let everyone know that the Jew is our genetic enemy and that for our survival we have no choice but to kick them all out and never let them in again.

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