The Gay Begins Gaining Ground in the Ukraine

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2019

Heart-warming stuff, really.

It’s like that Stonetoss comic.

Uklon, a Ukrainian Uber clone, decided that going gay would incentivize investors…


Do they mean the US State Department? 

NATO and EU gibs don’t come without strings attached. The buttseks and the big bucks go hand in hand.

Because that has become America’s mission in the world, apparently. To spread the Gay. I don’t know how else to explain the State Department’s bizarre new practice of flying the flag of the Gay Occupation Government from their embassies. They purposefully do it in places where it is ostensibly provocative.

Like, hey – how about the Vatican?

That isn’t going to, you know, imply that you condone pederastic priests. It’s just a sign of solidarity. 

By the way, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about the Happenings in the Ukraine.

Hopefully, everyone has cooled off a bit and we can have an amicable chat about what’s going on there from time to time.

In short: a new round of elections are here.

Things don’t look good for President Poroshenko. That being said, he’s not going down without a fight. The Russian media seems to think that he’s in big trouble and pulling out all sorts of last-minute tricks to stand a chance. Most importantly though, he’s trying to quickly move ahead with NATO membership and getting ZOGmerica to build more military bases and eventually, I assume, put nukes on Ukrainian soil.

Funny enough, Poroshenko has bent over backward to try and get Trump’s people in Washington on his side.

But it seems that he’s having trouble finding friends. No one likes the poor guy.

The State Department would probably prefer someone else take power next. If nothing else, Poroshenko is an embarrassing partner to have. He’s like another Mikheil Saakashvili – a supposed reformer in Georgia who turned out to be a corrupt and incompetent embarrassment for everyone who threw their weight behind him. And there are plenty of other factions in the Ukraine willing to do business with Washington and do it more competently.

There’s that Tymoshenko bitch – part of a powerful eastern Jew mafia clan – who has apparently decided to drop the braids and spring for a more Hipster/Bimbo look.

Compare and contrast:

There’s some new guy on the block who seems to be in the lead.

He’s a TV star and yes, he too is Jewish.

As for the legacy of Maidan, well, you’re looking at it, folks.

One group of oligarchs was replaced by another more Jewish group of oligarchs. 

No right-wing coup ever materialized. All those nationalist groups who overthrew the Poroshenko government and then vowed to crush the rebellion in the East and then overthrow the Jew government in Kiev have decided to take a chill pill. Hopefully, they get bored and go use their Maidan skills to help the French Yellow Vests instead of freezing in some trench along the Eastern front.


Looks like DNR beat them to the punch.