The Gateway Pundit the Latest to Get Twitter Banned as the Total Cleansing Continues

The Gateway Pundit‘s editor-in-chief Jim Hoft is alleged to have been attempting to “sodomize democracy,” and has been banned from Twitter under the company’s “civic integrity policy.”

The Gateway Pundit is an old school MAGA website. The site used to be kind of silly, printing a lot of stuff that I would have classified as “fake news,” but over the last maybe 18 months they’ve really stepped up their game. They did a fantastic job covering the election fraud. Apparently, the election fraud coverage is what they’ve been banned from Twitter for. They are calling this a “civic integrity policy.” I believe that is also why the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell, was banned.

It’s almost surprising that it took so long to ban TGP, given that virtually everyone has already been banned.

Many liberals were celebrating, and wondering why it took so long.

We’ve found at least one genuine believer in the “private company” because “conservative values” thing.

It’s always shocking to see one in the wild. I came across this one when he was interacting with Cassandra Fairbanks, who is currently a writer at TGP.

I’d like to see that faggot Ross Kaminsky explain whether or not it’s okay for Myanmar to block in the country, or if he thinks private companies have a right to operate across borders in order to promote political instability in third world countries. (I can guarantee that he does believe they have that right.)

And of course, you had the obligatory celebratory tweet from CNN’s censorship czar, the Iranian homosexual Oliver Darcy.

No one should forget that: this censorship is being pushed by the media itself. Outside of all of the politics involved, you have an entrenched corporate establishment working to shut down their own direct competition, which one would think would be a troubling trend in its own right.

But apparently it isn’t.

I’ve made it through this whole article without saying that The Gateway Pundit should have stood up for me when I was censored in 2017, because if they would have stood up for me then, none of this would be happening. But listen: I’m not going to say that. Everyone already understands that.

All of the people who are still on Twitter are now shilling Telegram, primarily. I have to just tell you the truth: I do not think Telegram is going to hold out. I don’t think the Russian owner of the company really cares either way. But it’s going to come down to a situation where he either goes with the flow and bans everyone, or he gets removed from the Apple and Google Play stores. Given that 99.9997% of his traffic is not related to MAGA, or any form of nationalism, he has no reason to stick up for you.

Ultimately, the only way forward here is through open source software. Anything that is not open source (and NO, Telegram is NOT open source) is going to be shut down. The Democrats are in the process of labeling anyone who questions the election as a terrorist on the same level as Al-Qaeda, so along with having their infrastructure turned off, these tech companies are soon going to be threatened with being charged as providing material support to terrorists.

It’s going to be easier if you learn it now rather than later. Get used to using Brave Browser, Tor Browser, F-Droid and other APK file installation protocols, Ricochet messenger, Signal, Session, and anything else that is free and open source.

You don’t have any choice.

As always, remember to save the Daily Stormer’s Tor address:


Again, that can be opened with Brave Browser. If you’re using Brave now, just click on that link, and it will open in a new window.

I also advise people to get involved with crypto currency, including Monero (XMR), which is untraceable.

None of this stuff is going to get any easier in the future, I can tell you that.