The Gateway Pundit Running Pro-War, Pro-Refugee, Anti-Taliban Atrocity Propaganda

MAGA news site The Gateway Pundit is the synthesis between the thesis of “traditional conservatism” (basically, boomer neocon Bushism) and Trump 2016’s antithesis.

There was a pure narrative formed out of that consensus, which TGP runs every day. It’s the same narrative you see from Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, and Paul “Joseph” Watson. (You can maybe throw Tim Pool in there, though he is a bit more of a wildcard and sometimes comes out of left field with something you don’t expect.) You see it elsewhere as well, but these are the people I think of when I think of this joining of Bushism and Trumpism. Basically: this is the narrative that remained after everyone interesting was banned from everything during the first purge of 2017-18.

I agree with this narrative about half the time, but the whole thing is just so contrived it’s disgusting. There is never nuance, or analysis. Whatever happens, there’s a pre-tailored solution to it. None of these people have to think about anything they say, because the narrative is the narrative is the narrative, and it is built to have an automatic answer to anything.

It’s more complicated than “just do the opposite of the Democrats.” Basically, it is more based on finding hypocrisy among the Democrats, then claiming that the Democrat goals could have been accomplished better by their narrative. This is the old trick of “traditional conservatism,” which you see from people like Ted Cruz. I recently wrote about that here. I’ve written about it a lot, actually. It’s somewhat complicated, as it so often involves embracing leftist arguments in order to “own the libs.” There is no real philosophical (or even ideological) consistency to it, but there definitely is a consistent and identifiable pattern to it.

One thing that is easy to understand about the way this narrative works is that they cannot point out leftist hypocrisy without granting all of the moral premises of the left.

It was obvious to me that the only response that this narrative could give to Joe Biden’s Afghanistan surrender debacle was to embrace the CIA/Obama/Democrat narrative about the poor pitiful Afghans who are suffering under the jack-sandal of the Taliban.

Of course, it would have been so easy to simply mock Joe Biden for this abysmal and ridiculous failure, but instead they have to claim they are the real humanitarians, in order to “own the libs” fully. Trump himself did that this week when he attacked Joe Biden for not taking in enough Afghan refugees.

Here are some recent TGP headlines:

These are some of the atrocity videos they posted:

What is the point of showing this as a way to attack Joe Biden?

Am I supposed to womp womp?

You could show those videos as a way to show Islamic savagery, and explain why you don’t want Moslem refugees – but check their headlines: they’re calling for “the good ones” to come to America!

Some of the stuff they’ve been posting about Afghanistan I agree with, of course:

Understand: I wouldn’t advise TGP to be literally pro-Taliban in the way that I am. They have an older audience, which is going to be much less edgy than the audience I’ve cultivated.

Also, I am supportive of pointing out the failures, and yes, even the hypocrisy.

What I’m not in favor of is saying that we should have left troops there to protect women, or talking about how horrible it is how the women are being treated, and acting like the people of the United States have some kind of a moral obligation to these people.

Pushing that kind of stuff just creates a garbled mess. Boomers will go out and say “did you see those horrible things that Joe Biden allowed to happen to those poor women? He’s not even helping the good Afghans that helped us! We should have left troops there to protect them!”

What are the implications of that?

  • Americans have a moral obligation to Afghanistan
  • America should protect women, globally
  • Women’s rights are an important concern – even when the women in question are on the other side of the planet
  • We should bring the good Afghans to America
  • The war never even should have ended

Besides the fact that this garbles up the entire point of right-wing American politics, it also accomplishes nothing. No leftist is going to say “hey, those Trump supporters really care a lot about women’s rights in Afghanistan – I’m gonna join the MAGA movement to help protect feminism in Afghanistan.”

It’s all completely self-defeating – which is why it’s allowed to get through the censors, for the time being.

Of course, it won’t always be allowed through the censors. But by the time they are banned, TGP editor Jim Hoft, Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, and the rest of these people will have made enough cash to flee the country while their readers are rounded up and put in camps.