The Future Belongs to Us

January 5, 2015

The title of this post refers to a remark made by Dutch politician Geert Wilders in a speech before the Congress of the Front National, in Lyon, France.

Geert Wilders, Dutch (and European) Patriot (Source)
Geert Wilders, Dutch (and European) Patriot

To clarify, the Front National is the Nationalist party that is fighting for the survival of the French nation, and they are currently the most popular political party in all of France.

In his speech, Wilders proclaimed that “The future belongs to the Patriots of Europe! Because the peoples of Europe have had enough of betrayal by the multicultural elites who destroy our identities and our traditions.”

In this post, I will be commenting on a number of other statements that Wilders made in this speech. But before I begin, I would like to address a couple of points that are pertinent to this discussion.

1) Who is Geert Wilders?

Wilders is the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, the political party that is currently leading the polls in the Netherlands.  He is an outspoken critic of Islam and its effect on Dutch culture. Wilders travels throughout the Western world, warning of the dangers of mass immigration and the Islamisation of the West.

Consequently, Wilders is under around-the-clock security protection due to frequent threats against his life by Islamists in the Netherlands. He does not want to meet the same fate as Theo van Gogh, a descendant of the famous painter Vincent, who was assassinated in 2004 following a film he directed regarding the treatment of women in Islamic nations. He was shot dead in broad daylight by a “Dutch” Muslim, who also attempted to decapitate van Gogh.  As you can see, the Netherlands is a dangerous place for Heretics who dare to criticize the ‘Religion of Peace’.

2) Why does this matter to Americans?


As a large majority of my readers are American, you may be wondering why most of my focus is on Europe, rather than the United States.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, Political Correctness has completely broken down in Europe.  Mainstream European politicians are making statements, that in America, would cause them to be forced to apologize to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, resign from office, and face social ostracism in their public life.  Their lives would essentially be ruined.

Second, I am seeking to provide an example for American patriots to follow.  We must look to our brothers and sisters in Europe for guidance and instruction in combating the forces which seek to destroy our heritage, culture, and identity.  Europeans are no longer afraid of speaking out for their people and the survival of their nations.  We must adopt the same mindset if we are to survive as a nation. 

The 2014 elections proved that, like Europe, we are shifting to the right as a nation.  Indeed, 2015 must be the year that we break free from the Politically Correct narrative and state loud and clear that we are proud Americans, and that we will do whatever it takes to restore the Constitution and the Republic that it created.  We must not be afraid to confront the traitors who have silenced us for so long.


The Speech

Wilders: “We don’t want foreigners who come to our country to tell us that they are the masters of our house.  We say: send criminals, jihadists, illegal immigrants OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  And all those who refuse to adapt to our values, expel them and never let them back! Because the only masters in the Netherlands are the Dutch, just as the only masters in France are the French.”

And, indeed, the Americans are the masters of America.  Not the illegal immigrants and their sponsors within both parties and the corporate interests that control them.  If our corrupt government can not secure our borders, we must replace them with a new government that will.  After all, that is their job.

American jobs are for the sons and daughters of those brave souls who secured our land with their blood, sweat, and tears, not H-1B immigrants who are brought to Silicon Valley by the Zuckerbergs’ and Gates’ who seek to replace American tech workers with cheaper alternatives.

Instead of devoting time and money in finding foreign workers to replace us, how about you spend that time and money to train American workers to fill those positions?  As of November 2014, there are 92.5 million Americans out of the labor force. I suggest that we invest in them, rather than people who have never contributed anything to this country.

Wilders: “We defend our country, we defend our flag, we defend our heritage, we defend our nation.  And we must constantly strive to reclaim our homelands from the spiral of mass immigration and out of the clutches of the hypocritical and allegedly multicultural elite.” 

This statement exemplifies the attitude that Americans must adopt if we are to survive as a nation, as a people, and as a force for good in the world, rather than an empire that causes civil unrest throughout the world in order to protect the financial interests of the elites who have hijacked our government.

Communists, Marxists, and other assorted leftists are willing to take to the streets in America to further their ideology (see Michael Brown & Eric Garner protests).  Unless American Patriots adopt the same sense of urgency, the same commitment to their values, and the same willingness to speak out and make their voice heard, the American experiment will surely die a slow, cold death.


Will 2015 be the year we get off the couch? The year we get off the internet message boards?  Will it be the year that we take radical action to preserve the American ideals of freedom, liberty, and traditional family values?

If we are not willing to fight for our ideals, we deserve to be consumed in the Socialist cesspool that America has become.  Our politicians will not simply wake up one day and decide, “I’m going to fight for America.”  None of our politicians, with the exception of a few (Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz) would ever dare to speak in a Patriotic manner as Geert Wilders and other European politicians do.

It is up to us.  If we fight for our ideals, for our heritage, and for our homeland, the future belongs to us.