The Fruits of Democracy: Uighur Woman Celebrated for Coming to the United States as a Refugee (Many, Many More on the Way)

The homosexual neocon psychopath Paul Joseph Watson spent months pumping a propaganda campaign telling Westerners it was morally good to support a CIA uprising in China. Now the refugees are coming home to roost, and Watson is laughing all the way to the bathhouse.

The conflict with China that Mike Pompeo and Paul Joseph Watson support doesn’t exist in a vacuum on the other side of the planet.

You can’t just go out there and support this nonsensical push for war and feel good about yourself and then not feel any consequences.

We’re currently talking about millions of refugees coming in from Hong Kong to all of the Anglo countries.

“Conservatives” are promoting it. Because it is morally good for us to take in millions more nonwhite refugees.

“Conservative” neocons like Paul Watson and Town Hall blog are telling you it’s time to bend over and get ready for an injection of millions of loud Chinese people.

It felt soooo good when you people came in my comments section and grandstanded about how I must be a Chinese shill, because otherwise I would support a CIA color revolution in China. You insulted me, you people did. Several of you.

When you get flooded with parasitical Uighur scum, that’s when you’re going to start wondering if maybe you shouldn’t have just left this situation alone.

When you hear them screaming outside your bedroom window at 5 AM, that is when you will know that Anglin was right, and this entire concept of feeling good about saying you’re better than some random group of people on the other side of the planet is always a scam.


A Uighur woman who was detained at internment camps in China’s Xinjiang region has arrived safely in the United States, a Uighur human rights group said on Saturday, ending a period of monthslong uncertainty over whether she would be forcibly repatriated back to China from her home in Kazakhstan.

Tursunay Ziyawudun had initially settled in Kazakhstan with her husband, who is a Kazakh citizen, after spending a grueling 10 months locked up without ever being charged with a crime. But last year, the Kazakh government told her she would have to return to China to apply for a new visa as a procedural matter. Returning to the country would have likely meant she would be detained again.

BuzzFeed News reported on her case in February.

“We are tremendously relieved that Tursunay is now safe in the United States,” said Omer Kanat, the executive director of the Uyghur Human Rights Project, in a statement, saying that she had already arrived safely, and that his organization is helping her resettle and access medical treatment for a serious health condition.

China has detained more than a million Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim minorities in mass internment camps since late 2016, according to independent estimates. The government has said the detentions were for “vocational training,” but former detainees, including Ziyawudun, have made clear they were brought to camps by force and said they endured humiliation, hunger, beatings, and regular interrogations, among other abuses.

The Chinese government claimed in December that those who went through the “vocational training” program had “graduated,” but a recent BuzzFeed News investigation found instead that construction of large, purpose-built internment camps and prisons is ongoing.

Ziyawudun’s lawyer said she believed the press coverage helped her case.

“Her situation required that her story be made public,” Aina Shormanbayeva, Ziyawudun’s lawyer in Kazakhstan, told BuzzFeed News.

This is the first step in a process of celebrating the incoming flood of refugees from China. They humanize a few of them, announce that it is so good and great and wonderful that they find our country worthy of gracing with their presence, and then the narrative becomes, “we have to get the government to bring more and more and more of these people, because they are so great and we are so moral for bringing them all here.”

Along with this humanization of incoming Islamics, they’re doing a tear-jerker about Chinese refugees on boats. It’s an ongoing story right now in the media.

Boat bound refugees who just need someone to come and help them…

To give them a place to live…

The story sounds a bit familiar, but it’s probably just deja vu.

But hey – maybe the right wingers who whine about China all the time, as if this is some major problem we need to be addressing immediately, will be happy to have these millions of Islamic and Chinese refugees.


You people came into my comments section and attacked me, called me a Chinese shill – I think you should have to accommodate these millions in your apartment complex. I don’t want them spitting in my hallway and yelling at 5 AM outside of my window.

This is your baby, commenters who called me a shill.

There were people in the comments section lecturing me about how Paul Watson and the CIA were right. All kinds of people were liking the comments, calling me an idiot, saying that I just don’t understand how important and moral it is to support some random group on the other side of the planet that has nothing to do with me or my life.

“Oh Anglin, you fool and you stupid idiot. You don’t understand – we are very moral people, so we are very concerned about the fate of the Chinese.”

You’d think that someone would have said, “you know, Anglin has a pretty good track record with this stuff, and he’s right that whatever happens in Hong Kong has no effect on my life.”

Understand: this is literally your fault. Trump reined in the neocons on every operation they were running, including Syria, Venezuela and Iran – but he let them go wild on China because idiots like you supported it.

People came onto my website to lecture me about how the CIA and the State Department are good and moral, and we have a moral duty to help the Chinese.

This is the same thing people do with feminism, the very same line – “Sorry Anglin, but the Jews are right about this one.”

And now: you get what you deserve.

This is what happens.

If you want to go meddling in other people’s business, other people’s business is going to meddle with you.

Listen, all of you commenters:

Come get your millions of refugees!

They’re lining up to come on board!

It’s the prize you win for feeling great about supporting a CIA color revolution because the New York Times showed you pictures of Pepe the Frog sprayed by Hong Kong Antifa.

I feel dehumanized pretending like any of you are going to finally learn your lesson this time. But I’ll go ahead and give you the pro-tip: when the government and media are telling you to be really concerned about something that has nothing at all to do with your life or the life or anyone you know, you need to be suspicious. In actual fact, you should be really suspicious of anything that the government and media tell you, given that these organizations are run by Jews.

I hope you enjoy having a hallway full of spit, you absolute faggots.