The Fix is In – Biden Now “Ahead” in Pennsylvania and Georgia

The fix is officially in.


Joe Biden pulled narrowly ahead of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania on Friday, hours after doing the same in Georgia, making it more certain than ever that Democrats will reclaim the White House.

After trailing Trump by hundreds of thousands of votes on Election Day in Pennsylvania, Biden steadily ate into his margins as more mail-in ballots were tallied in the state and put him in the lead for the first time after 32,000 ballots from heavily Democratic Philadelphia were counted.

Biden’s new lead of about 5,600 is only expected to grow in Pennsylvania as more than 100,000 ballots are being counted.

“I know he knows he’s a winner,” said Bob Brady, chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, who spoke to an upbeat Biden earlier in the day. “Philadelphia put him in the White House. Pennsylvania put him in the White House.”

Biden only needed six electoral college votes to secure the 270 needed to win. Assuming the trend holds, he’s well on his way to exceeding the margin with Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes.

The entire media, including Fox News, is preparing to declare Joe Biden “President Elect.”

Here’s what’s going to happen after this, assuming nothing else happens:

This is going to the Supreme Court. Trump is already talking about this.

The Supreme Court is going to take their sweet time.

During their sweet time, the public will have it drilled into their heads that Biden is the new president.

They probably won’t deal with all of Trump’s challenges, but they will deal with some of them.

Each state will have to be dealt with individually.

During this time, Trump will likely be banned from Twitter.

It’s unlikely that there will be enough proof of fraud in enough states to overturn the election.

I am sitting here hoping, like all of you, that this doesn’t happen. But without Pennsylvania and Georgia, we must admit that the chances of a win in court are extremely dim. It just gets too complicated to overturn all of these different states. If it was just Michigan, okay. But this is going to be too much.

There remains the chance that Trump could declare martial law and seize control. But frankly, in the scheme of things, the likelihood of that is low.

However, do not despair. There is much to be happy about.

No single Trump-supporter thinks this vote was valid. It couldn’t have been more messy. Biden is going to enter office with zero mandate, and when Kamala replaces him, she will have even less of a mandate. Their reign is going to constantly be walking on the edge of chaos. Their own people don’t even like them, really at all.

The media has gone all in, over 9000. If they had anyone giving them even a tiny bit of credibility before this, that is now officially gone.

What’s more, everyone who the people would normally look to is being cleansed from social media. People are going to be extremely agitated, especially in the midst of this ongoing virus hoax.

This could end up being a better scenario to set up us for the end game, which was always to break up the United States. People are going to start calling for secession immediately. That is really going to appeal to a lot of people, because there is literally zero faith in the current government.

My whole plan about rushing the 2022 primaries is going to be out the window if Trump loses. So, we’re going with the other plan I presented earlier this year: agitating for secession in every single red state, and in rural areas within blue states.

This idea was not unpopular in 2014.

Imagine what people will say after they just watched the election be stolen in the most ridiculous and obvious way imaginable.

“Nobody elected Joe Biden” is the new catchphrase. We are going to make it clear that this man has no authority, he has no right to rule these United States, and we are not going to tolerate being ruled by him.

The machine is falling apart, and we have the wind at our backs. There is not a more perfect scenario for pushing for secession. We simply need to make red states real red states. We need to focus on internal politics and get control of our state governments, we need to start demanding secession.

If he wants to, Trump can lead this movement – assuming he avoids arrest.

Texas has been pushing for secession for decades, and that is the best place to start. We’ve got Alex Jones. We’ve probably got Joe Rogan. We can absolutely make this happen. Liberals are a minority in our states, obviously, and we can make this situation very uncomfortable for them, we can begin to run them out of our territory.

Liberals will also see that if we give up our Congresspeople, that they will be in a better position to enact their utopia. So there is a possibility that many of them will be too stupid to understand that we’re where the money comes from, and begin to support our agenda on their side.

The number one thing we need to not do is let the anger over this election theft fade. We need to get out in front of it, we need to direct the rage into a positive movement to split the country.

This is the plan.

Everyone needs to get on board with that plan, because I guarantee you, no one has a better plan.

National politics are completely over. Period. It’s done. Assuming this fix gets through – and it probably will – we can never again trust the electoral system in this country – at least not in a state where Trump lost.

Do not get downhearted. The more I think about this, the more I think Trump losing was necessary for our endgame.

Once we have our own states, we can create our own White Christian Freedom World.

Look at the map:

We can break all that red part off.

Keep your chin up.

We’ve got this.