The First Welsh Forum: Jez Turner, Richard Edmonds and Sven Longshanks

Radio Aryan
July 25, 2016

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The first Welsh Forum took place on Saturday July 23rd in Cardiff to a packed room full of patriots in an upmarket location. Five British nationalists gave their presentations with truth in history as the theme, ranging from early Christianity in Britain to the Nuremberg trials. Jez Turner introduced each speaker and his welcome speech is the first one included in this selection from the first half of the day. A little known fact is that the swastika once flew over Cardiff and he builds his introductory speech around that event, explaining how and when it happened before leading on to a talk by Richard Edmonds about current events and the history of the National Front.

Brexit has caused a political crisis that is now tearing the Westminster Establishment apart. Britain’s political elite is in turmoil and now The Chilcot Report has confirmed what we all knew to be true about Tony Blair’s Iraq war. The political class have always been out of touch with the British people, but never so more than now and never before have they confirmed it better, than when in the wake of Brexit the main political parties insisted on dumping their populists (Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn) in favour of pliant puppets of the Shrillary Clinton mould. They have always ridden roughshod over the people’s wishes, but never before so obviously if they indeed carry through their plan to ignore the Brexit result. The ensuing ramifications if they do so will be immense and the social and political opportunities for British Nationalism and the British Nation will be tremendous. Richard Edmonds has been a long time in British politics and here he gives us the benefit of all that experience.

Sven Longshanks from ‘Radio Aryan’ is up next, speaking about the hidden history of Christianity in Britain. Beginning with a quote from Taliesin the Bard claiming that the British people were always Christian, he investigates how that could be possible. The presentation looks at the customs of the Druids and the earliest written records of our stone circles and monuments, before recounting the founding myth of the British people through King Brutus and his Trojans. The reason why the British became the first nation in Europe to proclaim themselves Christian is explained and the important role the Celtic church went on to play in converting the other nations is described. This history conflicts with the Jewish version of history which is why most people are unaware of it, but there is a growing movement of White Nationalist Christians who are discovering this for themselves and looking at the world in a new light because of it.

Presented by Jez Turner, Richard Edmonds and Sven Longshanks

The First Welsh Forum: Jez Turner, Richard Edmonds and Sven Longshanks – WF 072416

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