The Fine Cuisine of a Country Which Donald Trump Slandered as “Shitholes”

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2018

Recently, Trump called countries like Haiti shitholes and suggested that America take in more immigrants from primitive backwaters like Norway.

This is obviously a completely false and evil statement.

Haitians are some of the most prosperous and advanced people on the planet. Even a look at something as simple as traditional cookies will show this.

These cookies made out of dirt (literally) have also been rumored to have a substance called butter in them. If you don’t know (since most of the readers are obviously inferior evil racist bigoted Whites) butter is a high calorie food item which can be eaten as is for nutritional value.

One may ask why they do not simply eat the butter, since it must be significantly better for them than dirt. These small-minded bigots simply cannot understand the ancient traditions and science of these descendants of true KANGZ.