The Fern Gully Delusional False Reality of the Left


“openDemocracy” is a Jewish anti-free speech and anti-Christian group, a subsidiary of George Soros’ “Open Societies Foundation.”

This group is involved in crusades to shut down the freedom of speech of white Christians across Europe. They are currently involved in a plot to label American Christian charities “hate groups” because they don’t agree with Jews about man-on-man anal being a virtuous activity.

The Jewish group claims that anyone who disagrees with them must be silenced, and they frame all disagreement as part of an otherworldly evil agenda.

They write on their website:

A major US religious group opposed to LGBT rights has poured tens of millions of dollars of ‘dark money’ into Europe, openDemocracy can reveal. The group, which has ties to the Trump administration, is suing numerous British event venues and city councils that cancelled its events because of its president’s homophobic and Islamophobic comments.

According to new openDemocracy research, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) spent more than $23 million in Europe between 2007 and 2014.

BGEA did not answer openDemocracy’s questions about its European spending since 2014, but if it continued to spend at the same rate as before, it would have poured at least $50 million into the region by 2020.

It does not disclose details of its donors or its spending but it has offices internationally and is well-known for putting on Christian conservative mega-festivals.

openDemocracy confirmed via public court records that BGEA is currently a claimant in at least two ongoing ‘breach of contract’ court cases in the UK. The first involves venues in both Manchester and Birmingham and the second is against venues in the city of Sheffield and the country of Wales as well as Sheffield city council and the Welsh government.

It is understood that these cases are moving slowly because courts have been shut down due to COVID-19 and local authorities have been overstretched. openDemocracy asked local council officials and the venues to comment, but they refused, citing fear of further legal action.

Observers have accused the US group of “demanding religious impunity for their hate-filled words” with its British lawsuits and warned that they could set new precedents for US-style “religious liberty” arguments to overrule anti-discrimination policies in Europe.

Obviously, the entire global establishment supports man-on-man anal, and $20 million is a tiny fraction of the amount of money that is spent on promoting gay anal to children, both by the government and by private companies. But somehow, they’re able to frame fighting against these relatively powerless Christian groups as fighting against the power.

This relates to what I wrote about earlier this week, about the mythology of the left:

They have their own heroes, and also they create their own villains. Christians and white people generally are portrayed as villains, who are driven by “hatred” and are trying to make it so people can’t “express themselves” by engaging in various forms of sexual debauchery, such as man-on-man anal.

These people live in a totally black and white reality, where anyone who opposes them is consciously evil and is engaging in evil activities for the purpose of harming others. If you read anything they write, they constantly use this word “hate” and claim that it is the driving force of anyone who opposes them.

There is an infantile perception of the “bad guys” in their mythology, just as there is an infantile understanding of the good guys, who are brown people who are somehow in tune with nature and trying to stop the white man from destroying it.

Overall, their entire worldview seems to be based on the 1992 animated film “Fern Gully.”

The protagonist in the film was a mystical fairy girl who dressed like an absolute skank.

She disobeys her tribal fairy kin in order to chase sex with a foreigner (human) who ends up being good at heart (despite his seemingly barbaric ways).

The antagonist of the film was a demonic spirit that embodied fossil fuels.

The villain’s name is “Hexxus,” which is obviously intended to sound like “Texas” and has the double X featured in “Exxon.”

Cheech and Chong, the infamous weed duo, play the voices of fairies in the film, just to connect this children’s entertainment feature to the drugs that the viewers of it would soon be doing.

Hexxus wanted to destroy the forest and kill all of the happy forest creatures because he hated love. (He is also very powerful, because of all of the evil money behind him from the evil corporations that also hate love and nature. But he is beaten by the spunky forces of love and nature.)

That’s what you see all throughout leftist mythology: anyone who disagrees with them is consciously evil, driven by a hatred for love.

Everyone in this overarching mythological story that the leftists are telling gets placed into a category of “lover” or “hater.”

Homo sex is of course the purest form of love, as there is no more loving action than ramming your penis into another man’s anus and using the anal passage to masturbate until ejaculation.

Christians are trying to invade the loving anal forest of the gays and stop them from engaging in acts of “love.” Of course, the Christians have all of this money and secret power – according to the organization funded literally by George Soros.

I’m not joking here: just look at the left. Look at anything they say or do. It all ties in to their belief in the Fern Gully universe. This is what happens when you remove religion from a society, frankly.

Basically, the modern left is a bunch of mentally ill morons who live in a totally synthetic fantasy reality manufactured by multinational corporations and the Jews to get them to push an agenda that has nothing at all to do with the stated agenda of love fighting hatred.