The Fatality of the Fat Man

William Martel
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2015

Thanks to the combined efforts of our readers, supporters, and other groups, the Dr. Duke VS Fat Man match was set and ended in nothing short of a total fatality.

Basically what happened.

I think the easiest people to convert in all of the fake “truther” movements are those from the Alex Jones crowd. Most of us here, including myself, used to follow the Fatman until we realized we were chasing invisible elites and German death cults that lead no where. The Jones crowd is aware of the NWO, the fake monetary system and how the media is totally controlled, so all it takes to convert these people is a simple push in the right direction to show them that the Jews are the true elites.

Dr. Duke did a phenomenal job breaking the Jones trance by laying out fact after fact and in such at way that the barrage was totally unstoppable. Any interruption or claim by Jones was countered with a perfect rebuttal which literally left Jones in silence, and later, gave him headaches and nausea (lel).

There is no way thousands of Jones fans did not turn to our side after the Fat Man was lampshaded on live video.

The amount of information Duke was allowed to put out without being shut down is a victory in itself. Any real “truth seeker” from the Alex Jones crowd has no choice but to go to and get the hard documentation to back up his claims. And when they do this, most of them will realize that Jones is nothing more than a way to distract the people from the truth.

Jones is now trying to censor and remove the debate from the internet. This really shows his followers how he is an absolute hypocrite shilling for the shekels. There is no doubt the Jewish handlers of the Fat Man’s show realized that this debate was a fatal mistake and needed to be disappeared. Unfortunately for these snakes, people had already saved the debate and posted it on YouTube, where the Holocaust of the Fat Man will be seen exactly 6 million times.

I, along with probably all of you, are still totally unsure as to why Jones actually let himself be Holocausted, but we are all sure glad that he did. Maybe he thought he would debunk Duke’s claims with all of his incontrovertible “documents,” or maybe he thought he was going to totally take charge of the conversation. Whatever the case, he was dead wrong.

Alpha Duke took control.


The most ridiculous and telling part of the interview was – after Jones had claimed multiple times that the Jews don’t control the media – Mr. Jacobson, Jones’ JEWISH producer, came out from behind the curtain like the Wizard of Auschwitz and tried stop the Shoah. But it was already too late. Duke had already proven without a doubt that Jews not only control the media, the finance and the governments of the world, but also have committed acts of terror against their supposed allies.

I was actually listening to Andrew on the Dr. Duke show earlier today (which was a great interview that you all need to listen to if you haven’t yet), so most of what I’m saying here Andrew already covered in his interview, but I wanted to write this article to further motivate us all so we understand how much of a victory that this actually is.

The shift we have all been waiting for IS happening, and we all made this happen together.

Angelo John Gage also did a video analyzing the showdown.

In conclusion, Anglin’s genius behind the Daily Stormer, the loyalty and effectiveness of the Stormer Troll Army, and the cooperation of other groups networking together all made historic event possible. In other words, give yourselves a big hand for pushing our message to the point it could no longer be ignored.

clap clap

History was made and we were all part of it. We are clearly winning this memetic war, and the more we keep working together, the closer we come to destroying the Jewish matrix and freeing humanity from their satanic stranglehold.

Be sure to spread the HD version of the shoahdown far and wide.

Hail Victory.