The Fat Man Says Racial Conflict is a Globalist Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2015

Alex "Jew Wife" Jones: He's not as interesting as he'd like you to think.
Alex “Jew Wife” Jones: He’s not as interesting as he’d like you to think.

Alex “Bucket Full of Chicken I Can’t Stand Up” Jones is dipping his swollen ankles into the racial conflict.  Previously, he had sent his people to Ferguson to attempt to incite the Negroids to mass murder Whites.  During that period, many believed he thought he was the new Charles Manson and that he would become the leader of the Blacks during Helter Skelter.

At some point, he pulled a 180 and began limp-wristedly seeming to side with Whites against the hordes of Black rapist-murderers.

Yesterday, his people did an article about the Azealia Banks Playboy interview, wherein it is argued that racial conflict is a part of a conspiracy to “divide and conquer.”


In order to maximize the lols, they quoted a Jew to explain their argument that racial tension is a plot.

Banks’ views are testament to how “social justice warriors” and the Obama administration are increasingly pushing racial conflict.

The Obama administration is pushing racial conflict to further divide the country, according to Ben Stein, the famous actor and political commentator.

“This president is the most racist president there has ever been in America,” Stein said. “He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans.”

“They’re handing out pamphlets about this – and it’s been described a lot in the Wall Street Journal – [that say] ‘look, the Republican candidates are targeting President Obama because he’s black and you’re black, so you gotta go out and support him,” he added. “That’s just nonsense.”

This is, if effect, the exact opposite of the truth.

Obama is not trying to divide people, he is using his platform, given to him by Jews, to promote the interests of his own race over the interests of Whites. This effectively causes no division – because there was no unity before that – but simply conflict. Unless you believe a lack of conflict is a form of unity – and I assume most people don’t believe that – there has been no “division.”

The fact is, racial division is the natural state of races. There is no point in history when multiple races existed in harmony together, unless it was within the clear context of a hierarchy – this still exists between the castes in India, and was the case with South African apartheid and Black slavery in America.

It is just a basic fact that races forced to live amongst one another will fight with each other. To deny that is to deny a basic fact of reality. Though Alex “Jew Wife” Jones claims he is a “truther,” he denies some of the most basic truths, which are self-evident to any child who hasn’t been brainwashed by the liberal Jew system.

Yes, that “Bucket Full of Chicken” comment was a play on a Tom Waits song.