The Fall of Kraut and Tea, Part III: Killroy the Convention

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2017

Tim Pool is a nutta and dropped the bomb on the ex-Moslem females (who used to support terrorism) by trying to fuck up their shit by mentioning that the Killroy convention they were planning required speakers to sign a 3-year NDA.

This conference originally had Pool, James Allsup, Faith Goldy, Andy Warski, Baked Alaska, Sargon of Akkad and several others on the list of speakers, and virtually everyone has pulled out (or been told not to come).

The women who ran it were associates of Kraut and Tea and in his secret chat room to bring down the Alt-Right.

This is part III of the Mister Metokur series on Kraut and Tea. The first two parts are here