The Fake Pope Wants You to Obey the Government and Live Like a Prisoner

As governments force people to stay away from Churches, Francis urges people to obey governments.

He joins countless experts and some very powerful people like Bill Gates in their quest to keep people living like prisoners indefinitely.

This comes after the so-called “Pope” said that mankind has ruined the work of God by polluting the environment, and it follows a new trend of media articles portraying the lockdown as something that saves the animals and the environment from the evil touch of man.

Francis has the face of a very honest, very kind man.

With that in mind, one could presume that telling people to respect the lockdown serves Francis’ desire to prevent humans from polluting the environment. The “Pope” appears to worship something he calls “Mother Earth,” and he’s more concerned about the well-being of plants and animals than he is about people.

Current data puts coronavirus at the same threat level as the flu, so it’s pretty clear by now that all attempts by these public figures, experts, and powerful people to keep people afraid of the virus are moves aimed at advancing some kind of agenda.

Francis is clearly playing a part in that.