The Fact That Trump Hired John Bolton to Torpedo the Korea Deal Shows That He has No Idea What’s Going On

Of the many soul-crushing failures of the MAGA agenda, the Korean project is one of the saddest, given that it would have been so easy to do. They would have had to have given Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize, and it would be a great part of his personal legacy.


North Korea does not need to engage in talks with the United States, as a meeting would be nothing more than a “tool for grappling” with Washington’s “political crisis,” a senior Pyongyang diplomat said.

First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son-hui said negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington would not work out, and that there will be no change to North Korea’s position. She said the US is persisting with a “hostile policy” towards Pyongyang and that any approach from Washington would be a “shallow trick,” according to a statement published by North Korea’s KCNA news agency.

Her remarks come as US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun is set to visit South Korea next week. South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should meet again before the US election in November.

Choe referred to rumors of a US “need” to hold talks as an “October surprise” before the US election. She said North Korea doesn’t “feel any need to sit face to face with the US,” as it considers any dialogue between as “nothing more than a tool for grappling its political crisis.”

“Now is a very sensitive time when even the slightest misjudgment and misstep would incur fatal and irrevocable consequences,” she said, adding that North Korea was shocked at discussions of a summit that are “indifferent to the present situation of the DPRK-U.S. relations.”

Historic talks between Washington and Pyongyang stalled after a third meeting between the two leaders in 2019, when an impasse was reached on the easing of US sanctions.

It wasn’t an “impasse,” it was direct and open sabotage by John Bolton.

Like any of these failures we’ve experienced, it appears to have all been the result of Trump taking the direction of Jared Kushner.

This is the basic thing, in cozy bulletpoint format:

  • China is an open country and is no longer especially concerned about keeping a buffer with the US military installations.
  • Kim Jong-Un wants to be the hero of Korean history who reunites the people with their brothers and sisters.
  • This entire process is dependent on the United States government, given that the United States government maintains a military occupation in South Korea.
  • Trump had some back and forth with Kim early on, but things began to progress. There were two good meetings with Kim, where Trump did some great photo-ops, and it looked like he was going to actually pull it off.
  • The Jewish media was trying to botch the operation, demanding that Trump demand that Kim give up his entire nuclear weapons program before any negotiations.
  • Kim and Trump were exchanging gifts. Kim and the government of the South were experiencing brotherly love.
  • Kim made multiple good will gestures, including destroying some testing sites.
  • Kim repeatedly confirmed he was committed to denuclearization.
  • Everything was all set up for the big win.
  • The next step would have been to sign an agreement officially ending the war, and we were all set to see that signing ceremony at the third meeting in Vietnam.
  • Inexplicably and out of nowhere, Donald Trump hired John Bolton as his national security advisor, and allowed him to speak on behalf of the administration.
  • John Bolton went out and publicly stated that he wanted to do “the Libya model” on North Korea. Literally, he used those words.
  • This is the Libya model: use extreme sanctions to get a leader to give up their nuclear program (“no negotiations until there is full disarmament” is the mantra), and then bomb the country to depose the leader. The Libya model ends with the leader it is being done against being sodomized to death with a bayonet.
  • John Bolton attended the third meeting and just kept threatening Kim and telling him he had to give up his entire nuclear program before there would be any talks at all – the opposite of what Trump had been telling him, and telling the public.
  • Kim left the meeting, understandably disgusted, and there have been no negotiations since.
  • Trump eventually fired John Bolton.
  • John Bolton wrote a mean book attacking Donald Trump as incompetent and evil.

This series of events is symbolic of a lot of other stuff that has gone on in this administration, where you’re just sitting here saying, “WHY???”

Donald Trump had a whole lot to gain by getting a “One Korea” treaty signed, and literally nothing at all to lose. North Korea was never a real threat to anyone but other Asians. And the thing is, it was clear that Kim was acting in genuine good faith, and that he, like so many of us, believed that Trump would be different than the scumbags that preceded him.

Instead, for no reason that I can even begin to imagine other than “because of Jared Kushner,” Donald Trump hired one of the architects of the Iraq War to help him get a peace treaty signed.

Bolton is a neoconservative. This means that he supports wars everywhere, in the name of Israel. That is his total agenda, and he doesn’t make any buts about it. After it leaked that Trump was considering hiring Bolton, Tucker Carlson invited him on his show, presumably to show Trump how crazy it would be to hire this guy. Bolton agreed to go on the show.

He defended the Iraq War and his plan to start all these other wars, and then Trump hired him.

To be clear, North Korea is obviously not a threat to Israel, but the neocons support agitating conflicts around the world on purpose because they can then use the messes they create as proof that “the world is a dangerous place,” and this justifies a massive, aggressive military that they can use for their purposes in the Middle East. Remember that Bolton was also trying to start a war with Iran while in the Trump Administration.

If Korea had been allowed to unify, that would have been one fewer boogieman to scare television viewers with.

The fact is that the world is only “a dangerous place” insofar as people like John Bolton are allowed to have influence on US foreign policy. After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was literally no threat to America, at all, and so then like magic some people in a cave managed to bring down three skyscrapers in New York City using only two planes, and we were all of a sudden at war with the Middle East forever.

Trump’s behavior does not ever make any sense. You cannot actually believe he is a total shill, because if that were the situation, then why wouldn’t he just act like George W. Bush? He could easily get away with that among his supporters. You remember after the first time Trump bombed Syria, the media was celebrating that he was now “just going to act like a normal Republican president.” They basically signaled that as long as he was killing people in the name Israel, and rattling off gibberish about the sanctity of international democratic norms, they were going to back off of him.

Instead, he continued to be Donald Trump, while alternating between doing the opposite of what he promised he would do and then looking like he’s about to do something good before doing something else stupid.

He didn’t need to hire John Bolton to sabotage the Korea deal. He could have done that himself, without getting involved with the neocons. He also could have just not ever reached out to Kim in the first place. Obama never reached out to North Korea. Furthermore, he was all set up to start a war with Iran. Then he just didn’t.

The only conclusion that I am able to draw from this man’s presidency is that he is basically a good person – or rather, he is exactly the person we all know – but he is weak and incompetent, and most importantly, he has an unhealthy relationship with his daughter that leads to Jared Kushner having an unfathomable amount of influence in the White House, where he is capable of doing things like convincing Donald Trump to hire John Bolton and then allow him to attend peace talks or to not stand up against Black Lives Matter (because if he just lets them riot and destroy the entire civilization, the blacks will all vote for him).

Trump is always left angry by these decisions, and it’s clear he’s not the one making them.

Recently, there were reports that Trump was fed up with Jared for pushing all of this weird black stuff on him. Remember, it was Jared’s idea for Trump to release a bunch of black crack dealers from prison, which I think is something that not even black people themselves support.

The speech on Friday was really fantastic. He literally went through all of the points laid out by Tucker with regards to what we need from the Republicans, and he did exactly what I said in terms of the platform he needs to run on to win. I even instructed that he should appear before a monument to our history when he made these declarations.

I will say again: it is possible to turn this around and win in November. It is an extremely long shot. But it is possible for the Rushmore Doctrine to lead us to ultimate and eternal glory. After coronavirus, he was left without a platform, and the revolution gave him a platform. People really, really hate this, and they are going to go out and vote against it. However, things are going to be very tight. We cannot afford the kind of retarded crap that has been happening for the last three and a half years. We need laser focus.

What we need more than anything is to get Jared Kushner out of the White House.

As Trump said at Mount Rushmore, America is a Christian country. That means we should not have Jews in our government. Their interests are opposed to ours, their thinking is fundamentally incompatible with our own.

Did you remember that before Ivanka married Jared, Trump was trying to set her up with Tom Brady? He wanted her to marry Tom Brady.

I dare say that the world of 2020 would be much different if Tom Brady were the most powerful advisor in the White House.