The Fact That No One Cares About the Fake Government Shutdown Cuts Both Ways

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2018

The media is flipping the hell out attempting to convince people that the government shutdown, which is not actually a government shutdown, is causing some kind of problem for them or for someone or something that matters in some way.

They’re making a big deal about “oh my sweet mother of Yahweh, the feds are starving to death in their fancy condos.” But also making other claims.

There are some recent headlines:

So it’s “oh my god the apocalypse.”

Mixed with “don’t you goyim feel bad for these poor feds?”

But the thing about that is: everyone can see there is no apocalypse, and perhaps the single remaining bipartisan issue in the United States of America is not having sympathy for federal employees.

So basically, the plot to get people to be upset over this fake shutdown has failed.

But the thing about this is: this cuts both ways.

If neither Democrats or Republicans care about this fake shutdown, there is no pressure on either side to get the government running again.

Which means this becomes an issue of who has the strongest will and the most dedication to their stated agenda.

And it isn’t the Republicans.

I maintain that Trump should force the Congress to override his veto on any bill that doesn’t contain 5 billion for the wall (and also has nothing to do with DACA or asylum seekers).