The EU’s Final Solution for European Man

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

April 24, 2015

Millennial Woes.  One of my favorite YouTubers.  I always mean to promote him more often, but lately I rarely have a chance to watch YouTube.

In this video he covers a Breitbart article from the 6th of March about the EU plot to set up centers in Africa to help directly import Africans into Europe.

EU to Build Migration ‘Welcome Centres’ in Africa

I wrote about this when the news came out last month.

EU Responds to Sharply Rising Anti-Immigrant Sentiment with Decisive Plan to Help Them Get Here Faster

And then did a follow-up when African leaders actually came out and openly opposed the plan.

Not Even Africans Themselves Agree with the EU Plot to Go to Africa and Find Africans to Ship Back to Europe

This is now being linked to their efforts to stop the drowning of six million innocent monkeys who only want a better life and free everything forever from Whitey.

This is crunch time. They are literally going to flood us. Zerg rush, go directly to defeat screen, do not pass go, do not construct additional pylons.

If you’re into YouTube, you should subscribe to Millennial Woe’s channel.  Along with his personal commentary, he does regular readings of interesting blogs I’ve never heard of which are quite worthwhile.