The EU Says That They Do Not Recognize Lukashenko as President of Belarus

Time is not causing the situation in Belarus to cool off, and in fact, it is actually getting hotter.

Democracy-obsessed lunatics are now openly calling for blood in the streets, as they seek to absorb one of the world’s last free countries into their globalist control grid.


The European Union says it does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus.

EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, told the European Parliament on Tuesday that, “The situation is clear for us. We consider the elections of August 9 fraudulent.”

Lukashenko claimed victory to a sixth term after the vote. Opposition groups say it was rigged, and protests have continued.

Borrell said more than 7,500 peaceful protesters have been detained and 500 cases of torture have been documented.

He stressed the importance of sanctions that the EU is preparing against Belarusians believed to have been involved in electoral fraud and crackdowns on protests.

As we’ve explained here extensively, there is no evidence that the vote was fraudulent. International observers were there. It simply isn’t possible to fake winning 80% of the vote.

Furthermore, the EU obviously planned to make this claim, which is why they refused to send their own observers. Belarus requested observers from the official EU body in charge of this, and they said they couldn’t come because of the coronavirus.

What is happening is no different than if the EU and America invaded Belarus to overthrow the government. They are simply using more sophisticated methods.

I hope that Vladimir Putin refuses to allow the West to steal Belarus. We do not need to give any more fuel to the satanic globalist system.

I am particularly enraged by this situation with Belarus because they are one of the only countries that has not embraced this lunatic coronavirus hoax. Probably, Lukashenko’s refusal to accept the virus hoax is one of the reasons for overthrowing him at this time.

But just imagine: in America and Europe, you aren’t allowed to go to church or to the gym by order of the government. If you try to go to church or the gym, men with guns will come and put you in a cage. If you resist them, you are subject to death.

America and Europe, while doing this, are telling Belarus, which is a free and open country, that they are going to overthrow their government in order to gift them with “freedom.”

Obviously, if America and Europe are allowed to move into Belarus and take it over, and install their shills in power, one of the first things that will happen is that the churches and gyms will be closed by order of the new puppet government.

It’s just too much.

How can anyone take this seriously?