The End of White Guilt

Daily Stormer
April 15, 2017

I mostly feel guilty that we’re not racist enough, tbh.

White people can’t go five steps without being either shamed or ridiculed these days. History classes are now basically just a long list of crimes we’ve committed against defenseless minorities. The point of this Jewish brainwashing program is obviously to demoralize the White population and prepare us for extermination.

However, it seems it hasn’t been nearly as successful as you would think.

Or, what’s more likely, the effects are being reversed by the complete insanity that we’re witnessing, with the Blacks and Moslems doing riots and terrorist attacks on a regular basis.

It at least puts things in perspective, that’s for sure.

The American Conservative:

Once again, the 2016 American National Election Studies pilot study can provide some insights. The ANES is always one of the best resources for public-opinion scholars, but this year I was delighted to see that it included a trove of great questions relating to racial attitudes.

There are lots of useful items on that survey, and on the larger 2016 ANES, but the questions specifically focused on white guilt were both interesting and novel. The survey asked the following three questions: “When you learn about racism, how much guilt do you feel due to your association with the white race?”; “How guilty do you feel about the privileges and benefits you receive as a white American?”; and “How guilty do you feel about social inequality between white and black Americans?” I hope we continue to see questions like this in major surveys in the future.

It turns out that only a minority of white Americans admit to feeling any kind of guilt about race. No matter how the question was framed, a substantial majority of whites stated that they felt literally no racial guilt.

Well, then, sounds like we’re due for a new pro-KKK movie. The survey shows it would be well received, and likely make a lot of money, right?

This is surprising because, when surveyed, whites have a tendency to exaggerate their liberalism on racial questions. A negligible percentage of white Americans will admit agreeing with transparently racist sentiments, which is one reason many surveys no longer even bother asking questions related to so-called old-fashioned racism. When trying to tease out racist attitudes among whites, public-opinion surveys have increasingly relied on indirect measures, questions designed to measure so-called “symbolic racism” or “racial resentment.” Thus, even though I believe that most white Americans do not really feel guilty about race, I did expect more to at least pretend to do so.

As the original article states, most White people will pretend to be more liberal than they really are in surveys because they think this is what’s “expected of them” in the modern politically correct climate.

Considering that, it’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of Whites don’t feel any guilt at all about this “oppression” nonsense. They comply with the PC narrative not because they internalized it and believe it, but simply because they fear the consequences of going against it.

This is why it makes no sense to try and “educate the people.” The people don’t need to be educated. They already know enough, at least instinctively. They just need to be given permission. The system that crushes people who don’t tow the Jewish line needs to be destroyed, so the people can be free.

This process is known as “White Jihad.”