“The End of the Buffet”

Lots of things are over forever now, goyim.

Among them is one of my favorite things.

The Guardian today announced the end of the buffet.

Globalist psychopath Joel Golby writes that science doesn’t have time for the buffet:

The new world might not have it, either, if we all sit down and be honest. Science is preoccupied enough right now, and taking academics away from researching world- saving vaccines to instead develop a cough guard big enough and robust enough to stop a toddler from infecting a communal bowl of chipsticks seems like a waste of money and time. Buffets are a good thing socially (they help bring people together!) but a bad thing pandemically (they let people repeatedly dip the same crisp into a shared pot of hummus!) and by that respect, the UN should really look into making them an international crime. It’s hard to know what the world will ever look like post-Covid, but right now it doesn’t feel like it involves a lot of sausage roll sharing platters. One day we will look at a cheese hedgehog the same way we look at opium dens and fax machines: history’s follies, from a world that didn’t know better.

I won’t look at cheese hedgehog negatively, you globalist pedophile scum.

Civilization is going to wipe itself out and be taken over by rape gangs on horseback.

On the breeding farms, there will be buffets.

And we will be merry.