The Elites Don’t Need Nationalism Anymore

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2018

If we look at the historical process that formed the nation-state, it seems clear to me that several strategic and economic factors were at play that resulted in creating the nation-state as we understand it.

The first was war.

It started with Napoleon. Napoleon rocked the world with his ability to raise armies. His brand of French Nationalism turned the entire country into a recruiting pool for his armies which went out to conquer Europe. Before that, war was mostly fought with professional armies.

But guns changed everything. They democratized war. You didn’t need highly skilled and extremely expensive knights to win a battle. Some peasants with guns could achieve the same results.

Under Napoleon, within a few years, the embattled and impoverished country of France was transformed into a military powerhouse that rocked Europe to its core.

Why? Well, it’s complicated. But let’s keep it simple for now.

Basically, Napoleon tapped into something that didn’t exist in Europe at the time.

He tapped into a dormant Nationalism that slumbered in the hearts of the French people. And they loved him for it.

All of a sudden you weren’t just a nobody serf serving some lord that you had never met who might not even be French. All of a sudden you were a “son of France.” All of a sudden you were a citizen and you were part of something greater than you, but also something that demanded sacrifice from you in return.

Men go crazy over stuff like that.

Napoleon was seen as a progressive and the revolutionary sentiments he embodied were seen as dangerous by the decadent European aristocracies so they fought to suppress the ideas of nationalism for a long time.

But absolutely no one could deny the absolute raw power of nationalism unleashed.

Napoleon didn’t need professional standing armies full of mercenaries. He could simply put the call out and conscript hundreds of thousands of willing young men to go fight in his armies. Soon, all the decadent leadership of Europe gradually followed in Napoleon’s footsteps and began dabbling in nationalism so that they too could field massive armies.

It was necessary to have basic levels of nutrition in the populace all of a sudden. Basic levels of education and physical fitness so that peasants turned soldiers could follow orders and endure the physical demands of the campaign.

Schools, rudimentary social programs and rights were given to the newly-minted citizens of these nation-states.

And then there was the Industrial Revolution happening in tandem with all of this.

The masses were needed to work in the factories because industrial output and a nation’s military and economic might became inexorably linked. To top it off, as the threat of Communist revolution loomed, the Capitalist class was forced to give their workers benefits and perks. Living wages and a massive middle class in the West emerged.

But let’s ignore that for now.

In short, the more men you had, the larger your army, the larger your worker base and the greater your nation’s might was. 

All of this peaked in World War II where you had complete and total war unleashed in Europe, with devastating results. The end of Hitler’s Germany marked the end of an era – even though it took awhile for its effects to be felt.

Just as nationalism hit its peak, something happened: nuclear weapons were invented.

The massive armies necessary to fight full-scale conventional war slowly became irrelevant. 

Now, you could blow up entire nations with missiles and you didn’t need massive infantry battalions to destroy your enemy. War became a technological arms race, not a massive meat grinder like in all the wars from Napoleon to World War II.

The US eventually got rid of the draft and all of Europe followed suit.

Now we have something called Fourth Generational Warfare and it’s basically just using special forces for Blacks Ops mission all around the world. The soldiers are professional and decked out in millions of dollars of high-level tech. And it’s only going to continue to develop even more in this direction.

In short, we’re returning to medieval times. Modern soldiers are starting to resemble medieval knights. 

Highly-skilled and extremely expensive armored juggernauts. With the threat of nuclear missiles, no country can risk mass conventional war against another nuclear-armed country. So they have to rely on Black Ops skirmishes or proxy warfare. Arming one sand-nigger tribe to fight another one supported by your enemy.

Mass industry is gone now too, outsourced to China or some other Third World country with slave wages and no real chance of converting that economic power into military power.

In other words, the elites don’t need the raw power of nationalism to fight wars or masses of workers to run factories.

In fact, these masses of alienated and out of work citizens are a huge threat to the new system. 

Masses of young White men who are dangerous to the system need to be kept drugged, distracted and demoralized as the shift to a neo-Feudal system is affected. Once borders are done away with, you can lower wages and then you can mix-up the population to ensure that no effective slave revolt is possible.

And when I refer to “the Elites” I am of course referring to the Jews, but not just the Jews.

For propaganda purposes, we keep it simple here at Daily Stormer. The rootless international clique certainly is at the heart of the problem. But our own Elites have let us down as well. In fact, I contend that they’ve sold us out.

America used to have an Anglo Old Guard.

What happened to them? How did they allow all their institutions get subverted? Why did they start inter-marrying with the Jews to form a new WASP/Jew elite?

These are hard and uncomfortable questions.

But one thing that I know for sure is that the Elites have stopped supporting nationalism.

But nationalism has proven itself to be the only effective vehicle for the uplifting of the masses. 

Which is why we have to keep fighting for it. It will be an uphill battle because powerful interests no longer have anything to gain by keeping nationalism alive like they used to. This is purely a people’s movement now. The time for a loyal Praetorian guard to stop the destruction of our society has come and passed.

It didn’t happen. And now it’s come down to us, the ordinary people to start voicing our discontent.

If we lose nationalism, we will lose living wages, our national culture and eventually even our race. 

There is nothing keeping nationalism alive at this point except us. 

The stakes are extremely high, lads.

This article was updated to remove an unnecessarily confusing metaphor.