The Election Math the Media is Presenting is Really Wrong

A June rally for Joe Biden, the most popular person who ever lived in all of history

Apparently, the total math involved in this election is impossible.

Former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney posted the numbers to Twitter this week.

Binney links to a Washington Post article claiming that 66.2% of eligible voters voted in the 2020 presidential election (more than in any election in over 100 years).

(In fact, another source has claimed that 66.7% of eligible voters voted. But every source is in that ballpark.)

Binney attaches a link to World Population Review, showing the data regarding registered voters in the United States. (The site appears to be very well sourced, with current information.)

The total number of registered voters is 213.8 million. Then, 66.2% of that is 141.5 million.

Yet, the media is claiming that 155.4 million voted.

If the media was forced to confront this, they would of course claim that the Washington Post was wrong in its analysis, and actually, a much larger percentage of people voted.

But if 155.4 million of 213.8 million registered voters voted, that would mean that 72.7% of registered voters voted, which would make this that much less believable.

Funnily enough, as Binney points out, if we followed the claim of 66.2% of 213.8 million voting, and Donald Trump got 74 million, that would mean that Biden would have room to get 66.3 million votes.

That is exactly in line with what Hillary Clinton got in 2016, and what Barack Obama got in 2012.

The question currently is: “why are these simple numbers so wrong?”

The claim that Joe Biden got 81 million votes is so absurd that it should be dismissed outright, just on the face of it. But if you analyze the math based on their own numbers, you come face to face with the obvious fact that about 15 million of the votes that Biden was alleged to have gotten are fraudulent.