The Economy has Already Collapsed But the Government is Able to Prevent the Biggest Effects

I’m increasingly starting to believe that inflation will not cause a visible economic collapse for several years.

The economy already has actually collapsed, of course. But basically, the government has devised a can-kicking plan to make it not obvious that the economy has collapsed for some time.

Jim Cramer is saying the same thing.


CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday pushed back on fears that the U.S. economy could experience problematic levels of inflation during its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic-induced recession.

The “Mad Money” host said there’s no question price pressures are being felt across a range of commodities and industries. However, Cramer said it hardly means America is headed for a period of runaway inflation akin to the 1970s or even Germany after World War I.

“The economy’s not going to be wrecked by ruinous inflation, the stock market won’t crash because of government debt,” Cramer said. “I think we’re more likely to see a soft landing for this sonic-booming economy once the supply chain issues are ironed out and the enhanced unemployment benefits expire in September.”

Cramer said there are a number of economic positives that make him confident the extreme inflation forecasts are unlikely to materialize, such as strong data on both consumer spending and saving rates.

“The saving seems more robust than the spending, so even with prices rising across the board, the consumer’s in better shape than any time I can ever recall in my life,” Cramer said.

Rising commodity prices for materials such as steel, aluminum and lumber are noteworthy, Cramer said. But he added that those three are subject to tariffs, and simply rolling back those import levies could help the situation in the near term.

Right now, there is an insane plan at work: the government is going to continue printing money like crazy, but instead of that leading to inflation, all of that new money is going to be totally parked in worthless stocks and real estate debt.

If stocks like Tesla and Apple just keep going up and up and up, and no one stops to wonder why they are valued so high, then the money that would cause inflation can just be parked there.

Some of it can also be parked in cryptocurrency.

Hyperinflation can only happen when the money is in circulation. As long as the money is not circulating, and is instead parked in massively, ridiculously overvalued stocks and real estate assets, the inflation will never actually end up really being felt by the population.

This is an infinity bubble strategy. I don’t think it can last for infinity, and I don’t think it is intended to last for infinity, but it can certainly last for several years.

The goal right now is to strip the middle class of their wealth. And this mass money printing plus insane bubble combo allows the elite to just slowly drain the middle class of everything they have, while also preventing the chaos of hyperinflation.

Then, of course, they can trigger the hyper inflation whenever they choose to trigger it by just going out in the media and telling people to sell their stock, which will cause all of this money that had been parked to be dumped on the economy, which will mean a can of milk costs $900.

But as long as people are stupid enough to continue to believe that stocks can be worth hundreds or thousands of times the annual earnings of a company, and as long as people continue to take out debt to purchase property that is doubling in price every six months, this can just keep on rolling.

But Actually, We are in a Collapse Already

Please remember: we are already in a collapse.

The wealth of the middle class is totally disappearing at an astonishing rate.

Inflation is also happening quicker than these stocks and property prices can gobble it up.

They are printing so much money that it is just bound to spill out somewhere.

I don’t know what this all means for you – you have to figure it out.

Basically, the bottom line is: the economy has already collapsed, the dollar is already theoretically totally worthless, but they’ve come up with a scheme to prevent anyone from actually figuring that out. And when they decide they want to cause a total collapse, they can do it at a moment’s notice.

My number one thing is this: be prepared for everything to come unglued at a moment’s notice.

There is nothing holding any of this up other than faith, and the faith is being created by the media.

Of course, the fact is: we already live in a high-tech future society, and the only reason we have this old style economy is to hold down the people.

If you look at China, you see a country that is employing futuristic technology but is not purposefully holding down its population – everyone is rich. Literally every single person in China is living like a multi-millionaire lives in the West.

So basically, because of the fact that high-tech should have already made everyone in America wealthy, they can just do whatever they want with the economy and use it against people.

My thinking is that they want to hold off a collapse until they have full control of everyone, via the lunatic anti-freedom program of this virus hoax. They want you to be locked in with the vaccines, the vaccine passport and everything else. Then they can do a controlled collapse, where no one is able to go out and protest against it, because they’re all completely locked in to a high-tech police state.

Same advice as always: get out of the city.

And yeah – maybe you can make money on the stock market, real estate, crypto, etc. But do so knowing that at any point, everything could drop by 90+% in the span of 48 hours.

Crypto might hold value. Bitcoin probably will. It’s already an international currency with a lot of faith in it. However, what you want to make sure you have is property, outside the city.