The Drudge Report is Shilling the Flu Hoax Hard

Although I’m sure that your friends are all totally as woke as you are on the coronavirus hoax, you probably have family members or work acquaintances who are Trump-supporters and yet are also trapped in a paranoid loop. That may seem strange to you, given that the right-wing is not typically associated with feminine type hysteria, and also given that Trump himself is not going along with this hoax.

The reason that some right-leaning people are embracing this hysteria is that the right-wing media is promoting it.

This is from the top of the page of Monday’s Drudge Report.

This is a bombardment of kook hysteria, intended to trigger and overwhelm people.

The Drudge Report is often ranked as the number one news site favored by conservatives. (That is difficult to tally using public metrics, given that every link on the site links off-site. If someone reads 10 articles on Fox News, public metrics register 10 page views for Fox News, whereas if someone reads 10 articles on Drudge, public metrics only register one page view.)

The site has been consistently hysterical about the virus from the beginning.

I don’t know if you know this, but Matt Drudge, curator of the Drudge Report, is a Jewish homosexual.

It is within the realm of possibility that a homosexual Jew could be a believer in right-wing politics. It’s also conceivable that his professed fear of the virus has more to do with him being a homosexual than it does with him being a Jew (homosexuals tend to be scared to death of disease, due to their issues with their immune systems, and also just tend to have a more feminine perspective on life, as a rule.)

However, it seems more likely that he is a Jewish shill, who spent decades building the trust of the right-wing in America so that he could betray them at the perfect moment – that moment is now.

I’ve reported on the fact that the various neo-Nazi groups, all of which are controlled by the FBI, also sprung their attack at this moment in history, going all in on the coronavirus hoax. If the flu hysteria can be ratcheted back up to the highest levels before November, we’re going to have forced “vote by mail,” and Donald Trump will have no chance of winning.

All stops are being pulled, and it won’t matter at the end if all trust is lost in right-wing institutions, because there is no longer going to be a need for a right-wing. We’re going to be in a permanent one party system. They are going to abolish the last vestiges of both the American Republic and the more recent system of Democracy.

If Joe Biden wins, no one is going to have to answer for anything.