The Dream of American Multicultural Utopia Realized at Last

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there were any full negroes in this utopian bunch. But they had many brown people, women, and a tranny.

We’re getting there, folks.

We’re almost to utopia.

Just hang in there.

New York Post:

A strung-out group of small-time Colorado criminals that called themselves “the Sopranos” — including one who has “Styles Sopranos” and a Nike logo tattooed on his forehead — are singing the blues after being busted for a series of petty crimes to support their narcotic habits.

A Denver grand jury indicted 11 people for a laundry list of thefts committed to keep themselves flush with fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine, prosecutors said.

The two-bit syndicate, consisting of men and women ranging from ages 21 to 42, allegedly stole $950,000 worth of cars, weapons, tools and other items, officials said in a Friday press release.

The family would use teamwork to break into and hotwire Kias and Hyundais, deploying lookouts and getaway drivers who put stolen license plates on the hot cars, according to the release.

They would then use credit cards found in the stolen cars to buy gift cards and property that could be easily sold for cash, officials claim.

The “Sopranos” crew also ignored the mafioso code of online omertà, and used Facebook to orchestrate the thefts, sell stolen goods and brag about their hijinks, prosecutors said.

Teamwork is at the heart of the dream of multicultural utopia.

And you’re seeing it all come together, just as promised.

This crew could just as easily be the crew of the Starship: Discovery if it were not for the oppression by the police.

Instead of punishing this diverse crew for crimes they only committed because of patriarchal oppression, we should put them on a ship into outer space.

It’s really amazing to see that the dreams of our entertainment media are coming to life, in real life.

When we finally beat this coronavirus – which we’re going to do as soon as the unvaxed stop resisting – the world that we are going to wake up to is going to be something more beautiful and utopian than any of us ever could have imagined.