The Donald’s Condemnation of Islam Backs Cucks Against a Brick Wall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2015

Hey haji - you're fired!
Hey haji – you’re fired!

Yesterday, The Donald announced that when he becomes President, he will completely end Islamic immigration to America. Along with Islamic visits to America.

Straight-up: shut these hajis down.

Full-Stop: gtfo.

0/5 would not allow
0/5 would not allow

This is, of course, 100% reasonable. Besides the fact that these Allah-apes want to kill us, they are also completely pointless on every conceivable level, providing absolutely nothing of value to this once-great nation.

Barack Obama’s position is that it is “our values” to allow dirty, low IQ people from anywhere into our country, regardless of the fact they may murder us on the streets.

Actual lines from actual speech about Moslem invasion of America
Actual lines from actual speech about Moslem invasion of America

The cuckservatives, for their part, have never been forced to directly address why it is that anyone would even consider bringing Moslems into a White country. Now, however, they must choose sides.

Hajis: Not even once.
Hajis: Not even once.

Many are already coming out and saying that Trump’s plan is somehow against the values of freedom. However, we can assume that very few people who identify as “conservative” in America are going to be especially keen on the line of reasoning that somehow core American values involve Islamic immigration.

It is a pretty intuitive fact – even to one who is not a history buff – that when the Founding Fathers laid down the constitution and ensured religious freedom, they weren’t thinking about the country being flooded with brown welfare-leeches from the Middle East, who may or may not want to kill you for Allah. The mere suggestion that slave-owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would have considered Moslem immigration integral to the American idea comes across as completely insane.

And there isn’t much room for nuance here. The Republican party pretty much has to go all-in with either Obama’s “our values” logic, or Trump’s “what the hell is going on with these people?” logic.

Top Cuck Jeb Bush has has already come out and sided with Obama, claiming Trump is “unhinged.”

But no one cares what Jeb Bush says or thinks, because he’s already out of the race. As is that Magic Negro.

The only ones left are the Cubans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Rubio did denounce it, but not in particularly strong terms.

Cruz, who is currently in second place and has been avoiding direct confrontation with The Donald, merely said that it isn’t his policy.

But that obviously won’t be enough. He’s going to need to explain why he thinks Moslems should be allowed in America, under any circumstance.

What is the reasoning?

Why would you have these people?

We have two options here:

  1. It’s our values to have poor brown people from every country come to our country and live on welfare and it doesn’t matter if they may kill us because if they don’t kill us someone else will (maybe White British)
  2. People who do not offer a benefit to this country don’t belong here; if there is a chance they might kill us, it just makes it pure insanity to allow them in

Pick a side, Ted.

We’ve picked ours.

The Trump Train has left the station. It is painted red, white and blue and it has machine guns and smart missile systems mounted to the front of it.

It has no braking mechanism.