The Difference Between a Mosque Shooting and a Synagogue Shooting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

The response to Brenton Tarrant’s mosque prank was overwhelmingly positive. Conservative websites like Breitbart were forced to go into damage control mode and tell boomers that he was an agent of Chinese communism – and many of the boomers accused them of lying to defame their new young hero.

Synagogue shootings have an overwhelmingly negative response, however. This is because no one really understands what they mean. And I’m not really sure that they mean very much.

When people think of mosques, they think of a place that Moslems go to organize terrorism. And in fact, the New Zealand mosque that Brenton played that hilarious joke on had been caught recruiting terrorists.

When people think of a synagogue, they think of… well, most people don’t really think of synagogues very often. I’m not sure what they think of, but they certainly don’t think of Jews organizing anything bad inside of a synagogue. This is mostly because the Jewish problem remains esoteric, and a relatively small percentage of the white population understands what the Jews are up to.

However, even I – a person very well aware of Jewish behavior – do not immediately think of Jews planning anything nefarious inside their synagogues. They do preach a satanic doctrine and engage in bizarre rituals, including mutilating the genitals of infants and sucking out the blood.

However, when I think of places where Jews plan things, I think first of banks, then of newspaper and television news offices, then of Hollywood studios, then of office buildings in New York and Washington, then of academia, then of the headquarters of their various NGOs.

Synagogues are a symbol of Jewish culture, but they are not a symbol of Jewish power. This is why they are almost always very low-key in their presentation.

Conversely, mosques are the opposite of low-key. They are flamboyant and foreign-looking, they draw attention to themselves – they literally blast their prayers through speakers so they can be heard from a mile away – because they are intended to be a symbol of Islamic power.

Banks and the news media are the primary symbols of Jewish power in Western society.

This highlights the difference between the power structures of Moslems and the Jews.

Moslems have always ruled with open authority as Moslems. They have launched military invasions of innumerable countries under the banner of Islam, killed in the name of Islam and built Islamic structures to show their dominance over conquered peoples.

Jews, on the other hand, have always run money schemes and then infiltrated existing institutions to gain power. Presently, they control the entire Western world openly, but manage to keep this control a secret by using a network of institutions that are not officially Jewish in nature.

They allow select goyim to get in on their scams, so that they can always deflect their responsibility for their actions.

If you start trying to redpill someone and begin listing off all of the various institutions run by Jews, giving the names of specific Jewish individuals who are in charge, whether you’re talking about banks, the media, the government, academia or whichever other industry Jews run, the immediate response will be “well, they’re not all Jewish…”

Then you have to start explaining “well, they’re two percent of the population, they run every Hollywood studio and 4 of 5 of the media companies that control 97% of the American media,” and the whole thing gets more complicated, and if the person is open to the ideas, he has to consider it, take time and do his own research into the subject.

During the Islamic occupation of Spain, you would not have a situation where you, as a Christian, complained about the Moslem dominance of your country and get the response “well, they’re not all Moslems…”

The point here is that people do hate Jewish power just as much as they hate Islamic power, they simply don’t know that it’s Jewish.

Everyone loved it when Saint Nasim shot up YouTube, because people hate YouTube and its parent company, Google.

Google is a symbol of Jewish power. It is a company that is owned and controlled by Jews. People do not have to know about the nature of the Jews in order to hate the way they wield their power in our society.

Like the news media, the tech industry has become utterly hated by both the left and right for power-abuse practices that are all Jewish in nature.

Basically, the overwhelming majority of the population are anti-Semites who just don’t know it yet.

Because Jews function as a cryptocracy.

All of the complaints that people have, whether they are liberal or conservative, should be made to the Jews, because the Jews are the ones in control of our society. But they have created a situation where we cannot complain to them, in the way that we would complain to the ruling powers of any other system of government. Instead, we are left blaming puppets and fall guys.

The singular mission of this website from its inception has been to simply show that Jews are the ones in control. If people understood that fact, the problem would solve itself. And the number one thing the Jews fear is their power being exposed. Otherwise, they wouldn’t hide their power. They would just rule us openly as Jews, just as Moslems openly ruled the countries they conquered.

Being ruled by a group of desert tribespeople who claim to be victims of the society they rule over while pretending that they don’t control anything while also using the power of the entire system to crush anyone who ever says they have power is just incredible.

It is also absurd.