The Demographic Decline of Britain

Daily Stormer
February 6, 2014

London is now at least 60% foreign and 2/3 of all new births are to a different ethnicity than British.

Voting has become futile as other ethnic identities have become the majority of the voting public. Those who can afford to, have abandoned the main cities to the savage hordes, leaving the ones behind to try to protect themselves. If they speak up for their own interests they are branded as thugs, fascists, racists and nazis, so instead they wave red flags and embrace the very ideology and policies that are destroying them.

60% of the projected 10 million increase in population over the next 25 years will be foreign and 2/3 of all births in London are to Non-Whites already. A third of Whites say they themselves are the victims of racism, yet there is no media attention for them, instead we have celebrities like Jo Brand telling us that ‘You can’t be racist to White people’.

‘Racism’ is nothing but a political tool to silence those who speak out about the on-going genocide of their people.

It’s time to take action.