The Democrats’ Memo was Released

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2018

The Jew Schiff has released his memo.

They purposefully added a bunch of shit they knew would have to be redacted based on the rules of classified information so as to get their “heavily redacted” headline. That is why Trump sent it back the first time – because basically the whole thing would have to be redacted.

Having a bunch of redactions makes it look like Trump is censoring something, when actually he has nothing at all to do with that process.

It’s just shit-tier dirty tricks from the dirty, tricky Jews.

There is nothing especially interesting in the memo at first glance. Just speculation and opinions. The main thrust of its importance to the Democrat/kike agenda is the fact that there are so many redactions. That allows for all this innuendo, which is the entire Schiff stratagem.

There is definitely nothing new here, and the most incredible thing is their ability to continue to cite the pissgate file with a straight face.

Only a Jew.

They’re also quadrupling down on Carter Page being the key to their kooky conspiracy theory, and if it turns out that he’s an FBI agent who was originally hired to investigate Trump by infiltrating his campaign as a volunteer, and is now serving as a crisis actor, playing the role of the conspirator for the conspiracy hoaxers – that is going to really look bad.

But the thing is, it will only look bad to the people who are paying attention, and the people that are paying attention already know this whole thing is bullshit.

I think they pretty much know that all this stuff is going to come out eventually (whether Page-as-fed does or not, a whole shitton of other stuff they bullshitted will), and it’s just about keeping it going as long as possible, as it continues to damage Trump for as long as they can keep it going.

They know none of them are actually going to get punished for anything. Obama and Hillary and all the rest of these people can just throw some random asshole under the bus like they already did to Susan Rice and just claim they’re so stupid they had no idea what was going on this whole time.

Read the full memo here.

I might write something longer about all this tomorrow.

Or you could just, you know, listen to Fash the Nation.