The Degeneracy of a Modern Day College Campus

Chris Hawthorne
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2015

Please pay Jews shekels to brainwash your children or they will have no future.
Please pay Jews shekels to brainwash your children or they will have no future.

I am a student at a modern American university, and I would like to present some observations.

Colleges have always been bastions of liberal doctrine and far left radicalism. Today, however, colleges and universities have become a microcosm of the most insane and loony leftist ideology that permeates our society. Yes, society is loony and weird in general, but imagine taking all of the wackiest elements of our society like feminists, faggots and blacks and putting them all in one place. On top of that, imagine that these are the places where White parents are sending their kids to learn. This is all a reality and it’s one of the biggest reasons why White men have become effeminate anti-White creeps and why White women have become deranged sluts. The following is just a small look at the largest subversive groups on college campuses.


On campuses today, the sexually deranged groups, whether they go by the LGBTQ, GLBTQ, GLBTQRSTUVWXYZ or any other sickening mixture of letters, are basically all the same repulsive perverts on every campus. These are the groups on campuses that push to normalize mental illnesses such as transgenderism and homosexuality. They’re also filled with the worst Social Justice Warriors. On my campus, they are the most vocal and sadly the largest group. When they aren’t busy hosting mass orgies, or whatever it is they do, they can be seen handing out condoms, hoping to encourage random sexual encounters.

Faggots are an important element in corrupting young Whites because they seem like genuinely fun and carefree people. They like to seem just like every other student; just wanting to have a good time and spread “love.” However, “love” for these groups generally just means AIDS. Nothing fun about that.

This is the kind of jollies they're selling.
This is the kind of jollies they’re selling to your kids.

Included in the faggot category are homos, lesbians, trannies, “queers”, sluts, whores, etc. These groups claim to be a safe place for queers, but they’re really just a place for sexual deviants to find each other and have sex.

They also like to include “straight” allies (who most of the time are closeted faggots themselves or giant weaklings). By including heterosexuals into their circle of debauchery, it gives them easy access to incoming freshman, who they’ll probably end up tricking into sexual encounters with the promise of drugs or alcohol.

Faggots are one of the worst groups on a college campus and they’ve become extremely effective at tricking people into thinking their behavior is normal.


Feminists are another subversive group on college campuses. Typically, the feminists are often members of both the feminist groups and the faggot groups. These feminist groups are essential to corrupt young White girls. A white girl might enter college being fairly traditional, sexually inexperienced and possibly even a virgin (although that is becoming less and less common today).

Once the feminists get a hold of a young White girl and plant the seed of hatred for all that is decent, they’ve effectively created a monster. Aside from whining about the patriarchy and not shaving their legs, feminists are usually busy finding more and more creative ways to make every day interactions with men something akin to rape.

This is what women actually believe.
This is what women actually believe.

The worst of all feminists, however, is the male feminist. This feminist is typically a faggot, a faggot hipster or some freak that thinks girls might one day sleep with him if he acts like a faggot. These are by far the most hilarious people to encounter.

Feminists basically destroy a White girl’s reason for being by filling her with hatred for men while also simultaneously turning her into a weird lesbian or giant slut; it’s really a toss up. Neither of which is good for anyone though.


Blacks on campus are not as big a threat as the feminists or the faggots. But they’re equally as goofy. Mostly because Blacks in general are goofy. I’ve really no idea why they’re in college, for the most part. But there they are, being loud, dumb and obnoxious.

Blacks are basically children, so I can’t fault them for acting as ridiculous as they do, but they are an annoyance at colleges. Essentially, professors have to evaluate their work at a level much lower than that of any other race, since they’re not very bright.

Wut in da fugggg is ay doin in dis betch?
Wut in da fugggg is ay doin in dis betch?

Typically they travel together in packs and are usually very loud. They cause all sorts of trouble for everyone. Most crime on campus is committed by these fellows.

Blacks tend to have their own groups, like the African Student Association or the Black Student Union. I imagine their meetings are about how much they hate white people or…well I really can’t think of anything else that blacks would talk about in these meetings.

Blacks are not purposely subversive as the other groups are, but they’re a problem and act weird.

Dishonorable Mentions

There are a few other groups which don’t have as a large a presence on campus but who are degenerate nonetheless.

The Muslims on campus are usually not as vocal, in my experience. But they are as annoying and mostly smell bad. Once I had to leave the restroom without washing my hands because a gang of these freaks were washing their dirty feet in the public sinks. It was a bizarre sight.

"We just want to learn... how to build bombs."
“We just want to learn… how to build bombs.”

The Christians United for Israel on campus are just completely stupid and make a mockery of Christianity. Most wear a Star of David around their necks instead of a Cross and are probably just crypto-Jews. They’re essentially the fat slob Hagee’s little army of creeps.

Then there are various Marxist and “anti-racist” groups on campus who are typically just the rejects from the faggot or feminist groups. They’re also subversive but tend to not be as organized since they’re lazy and just smoke pot all day.

Overall college campuses have become wastelands where white men go to die (their spirit does at least) and White women go to have sex with Black men. I don’t think people should stop going to college altogether, but it’s definitely something that a parent might want to reconsider for their kids.