The Decline of White People in the World

Diversity Macht Frei
September 6, 2018

This old, but informative video will shed some light on the demographic situation. Whites were 28 % of the world population in 1950 and are projected to drop to 9,7 % in 2060. That decline is happening in absolute numbers as well and will probably accelerate after 2060 as most of the white population at that point will be old.

For more info:

  • Whites to become minority in the US in 2045.
  • Whites to drop to 20 % of Canada‘s population in 2100.
  • Whites to become minority in Britain by the 2060s
  • Whites to become minority in Sweden in 2066.
  • Whites to become minority in Italy in 2080.
  • Whites will be one third of Australia‘s population in 2090.
  • Whites are already a minority of newborn in New Zealand
  • Non-whites are 39 % of newborn in France
  • Blacks in Africa to become 4 billion people and to comprise 35,7 % of the world population in 2100.
  • One in 3 people of the world population will be muslim in 2100, while Islam will become the world’s largest religion in 2070.
  • There will be more arabs than whites, 1 billion vs probably 700 – 800 million in 2100.
  • White numbers are declining in Latin America too.

It is important to note that whites becoming 50 % of the population in a certain country underestimates the real situation, as those 50 % whites will be mostly old people compared to 50 % non-whites comprised of mostly young people who will be already the majority in schools.

In other words, the world in 2100 is projected to be mostly black, muslim and indian. This will be very different world from today.