The Death of Beauty is the End of Meaning

Tucker Carlson’s Tuesday monologue really complemented the piece I published earlier this week on the death of beauty.

“You may have noticed there are fewer and fewer beautiful things in our country.”

He said, as an absolutely factual matter, that there is no such thing as a skyscraper that is not ugly, and that the ugliness of our environment is reflecting the ugliness of our social order.

“There is no such thing is as a beautiful skyscraper – every single one of them is an atrocity.”

He also once again encouraged people to leave their deadly doomed urban centers.

He called out the Calhoun study – one of my favorite studies and talking points.

Great stuff. It’s at the beginning of the video at the top.

A reader pointed out that architecture, cars, and women are only the beginning of the transformation from beauty to ugliness over the last decades.




Vending Machines



Gas Station Pumps



Wine Bottles



Office Furniture






Children’s Books



And we could obviously go on and on.

This ugliness is unsustainable because it is anti-human.

Tucker says that this system is too disconnected from the natural world, so it must end. That’s my talking point. And it is the white pill.

Nature must reassert itself.

God wills it.

I was admonished by several Catholics for wishing for the death of my enemies.

I will have to consult Christian religious doctrine further, but I know the Bible contains prayers for the deaths of enemies.

I know that God wiped out the world with water, and promised to wipe it out again with fire.

And I know the world will be a better place if all of the cowards who submitted to this vax were dead.

I pray for their souls.

May God have mercy on them all.

But I don’t have sympathy.

The masses of people have destroyed the world by cooperating with satanic Jews, pedophile transhumanists, and unhinged women.

Everything has to change, and it will change.

Don’t be afraid.

Be brave.

Be hopeful.

We are bent but not broken, and our blood is pure.

Our enemies are not all powerful. They are dazzled, confused, and drunk on power.

We will live to see beauty.

Keep the faith.

God keeps his promises.