The Dead Chicago Cop is a Woman



Reports are that Officer Ella French is “not looking so smug” now that she’s had her top popped off by a roving negro youth.

USA Today:

One Chicago police officer was dead and another was fighting for his life Sunday after a shootout during what was supposed to have been a routine traffic stop, authorities said.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said the officers had stopped a vehicle occupied by two men and a woman late Saturday when they began shooting at the officers. The officers returned fire, striking one person in the vehicle, he said. That person was hospitalized in stable condition, Brown said.

Chicago police on Twitter confirmed the identity of the killed officer as Ella French, the first female officer shot to death in the line of duty since Irma Ruiz, who was killed inside an elementary school in 1988.

Brown said all three occupants were in custody, but no charges had been filed. He said it was too soon to say why the vehicle was stopped and what might have happened just before the shooting began.

“It’s just another example of how the Chicago police department and these officers (risk) their lives … to protect this city day, in day out,” First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said.


I thought they were a racist murder-gang intent on extinguishing the negro race from existence?

The shooting rocked a department that has been the target of numerous protests in recent years amid claims of corruption and officer misconduct. Last month, city leaders approved a new layer of civilian police oversight – a seven-member Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability.

On Sunday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for a day of mourning and urged residents to end the “constant strife” over the roles of police.

“The police are not our enemies,” she said. “We must come together. … We have a common enemy: It’s the guns and the gangs.”

Carter said the investigation was continuing, that detectives were looking at body camera footage and had recovered a gun.

Lori Lightfoot is calling for an end to the persecution of police?


Did we slip into some alternative dimension here?

I guess a lot can change in a year.

I don’t really care.

When it comes to police vs. negroes, I support endless conflict.

The more these two groups, both enemies of the White Christian people who remain unvaxxed, fight with each other, the less time they have to oppress me and my people with their equally brutal means.

Despite my lack of any personal dog in this fight, I cannot imagine any situation where responsibility for the death did not fall squarely on the female cop. It is the job of a cop to understand the base animal nature of the negro, as at least before they became virus patrol, 98% of the interactions of the inner-city cop were with the negro.

A female cop, however, is so high on her own sense of power and entitlement that she is incapable of respecting the pure and unadulterated savagery that the young negro male represents. She believes that by sheer force of her entitled sense of superiority, she can subdue the negro youth not with stern threats of immediate violent recourse against him, but with irate threats of unspecific sanction.

The negro is unmoved by threats, given that his existence does not stretch outside of a single moment in time, and a threat, by its very nature, must reference a potential future event. Any cop that would use anything other than the immediate threat of instantaneous overwhelming violence as a means to control a negro in the throes of a bubbling primitive rage deserves nothing less than the barbarous demise they’ve called upon themselves.

A female cop is truly the worst creature on the earth. Much worse than a male or even a female negro.

A male negro is hit or miss, if he’s alone. I’m just as likely to have a laugh with one about “foreigners” or “bitches” as I am to become locked into an atavistic confrontation.

What’s more, I’ve even talked sense into a negress before, and averted a potentially life-ruining disaster. I would never in a million years attempt to talk sense to a female cop. If I didn’t think I could seduce her, I would simply go into a tantric trance, measuring my every breath, conceptualizing nirvana.