The Days of Luxury Problems are Over as Reality Prepares to Hit All of Us Like a Piano Pushed Off a Skyscraper

After writing about the VICE News layoffs this morning, I came across a piece reminding me just how hilarious it is that this vapid and trifling website is crashing and burning.

One Tess Owens ( wrote 650 words about people jokingly calling black people “joggers” following the Ahmaud Arbery incident, portraying it to be a vast racist plot, and referring to anyone who makes this hilarious joke as a “white supremacist.”

Here’s a taste:

White supremacists have a new code for the n-word. It’s “jogger” — a direct reference to the death of Ahmaud Arbery, the young black man who was shot dead in February while he was running in a suburban neighborhood in Georgia.

They’ve celebrated Arbery’s death in the worst places on the internet, and turned his killers — a retired cop and his son — into white supremacist folk heroes.

Over recent years, online extremists have been constructing a shared, private language that they use to dog-whistle in public, online arenas without having to worry about getting banned for hate speech. “Jogger” is just the latest example.

She goes on to interview some Jew about how whites are always killing blacks for literally no reason.

Of course, it wasn’t “white supremacists” who created the euphemism “jogger.” It was the mainstream media who barraged us with news bits referring to him as “a jogger.” When his mugshot began to circulate, people looked at it and said, “yep. That’s a jogger alright.”

The incredible part is that while hawking deranged conspiracy theories tied together with bubble gum and a piece of old shoe string, this multimillion-dollar media operation cannot even manage to get basic facts correct and traffics in strange run-on sentences.

This is a note at the bottom of the article:

You cannot olny post images anonymously. The phenomenon of the “namefag” is an old school concept, which everyone who is even vaguely aware of 4chan culture is aware of.

Wikipedia literally has a dictionary entry for the term.

She covers “extremism” and has tweets mentioning 4chan going back to 2018.

It’s a small thing, but that’s literally the point of being a niche journalist. You’re supposed to have a specialist understanding of the material you cover. Women are so incompetent in the workplace that even my mind stands blown. They are literally only hired for these jobs because the government will punish you if you don’t hire them.

What this means is that Tess Owens is not even vaguely aware of 4chan culture, and yet as a middle-aged woman, her “career” is covering topics related to 4chan culture for this detestable website.

But I digress.

Tess Owens is exactly what you would expect her to be: an overweight, middle-aged white woman living the dream in New Yawk City. That’s the big apple, kid. The one and only city that never sleeps.

From the pictures available of her online, you can see that she’s attempting to avoid having too many pictures of her online, no doubt because of the weight issues she’s developed due to an affinity for wine and comfort food. She’s clearly the sort that likes a good jog, if you catch my drift.

This woman’s existence is as meaningless as that bullshit she wrote about politically incorrect jokes being a secret code she’s used to unravel an underground white supremacist conspiracy.

Her entire Twitter feed is filled up with whining about the layoffs.

I must tell you this: I was fully arrested by this article on VICE News. I have been knee-deep in the lockdown for weeks now, looking at the information and attempting to game out where this hoax is going and how we can resist it. To see this middle-aged nagging woman lecturing on the evils of making politically incorrect jokes on the internet, promoting the theory that blacks are randomly murdered by whites for no reason and that jokes lead to these murders, was quite a shock to the system. It’s like being on a sinking ship that’s also on fire and having the staff come up to you and tell you it’s time to pay the minibar tab – when you know damn well you didn’t take anything out of that minibar.

We’re now in a brutal nightmare world where the government has locked us all in our houses under the guise of protecting us from catching the flu. There is an ongoing controlled demolition of the economy, and we already have higher levels of unemployment than during the Great Depression. The entire system has been shut down so hard that we are already looking at food shortages. The government is installing a massive surveillance grid, the media is talking about forced vaccinations, and the prime minister of Israel, a nation to which we are a vassal state, is talking about implanting children with computer chips.

There is going to be no room whatsoever in the future that is coming down on us now for hoaxes about internet jokes leading to murder. There is going to be no room for idiotic fake hate crimes, where white men who defended themselves from a black attacker are charged with murder. The reason there will not be room for these things is that they are fake problems or “luxury problems.” They’re problems that people invent when they are not dealing with real problems, so that they have something to chatter about.

On some level, the right-wing, in responding to the inane, droning outrage pornography produced by the likes of VICE News, was playing a similar game. Of course, the behavior of black people is a real issue. They commit massive amounts of crime, including murdering white people for racial hate reasons on a daily basis. But for the most part, we are middle class people who have only limited interaction with the blacks. Although any of us could potentially be randomly murdered by a black person, in general, blacks are not an immediate threat to our safety, and we speak out against the likes of VICE News’ whining liberal nonsense for idealistic rather than practical reasons.

Arguing over these things is something that is officially finished for both parties. We are now dealing with very practical problems, as 150 staff members of VICE found out this week. The fascinating thing here is that both the people who devoted their lives to hoaxing racist murder and those who opposed them are largely going to be dealing with the same problems. Obviously, women and men with the hormonal makeup of women (liberals) are going to be more comfortable surrendering their freedoms to the government. But nobody is going to be comfortable with poverty. That said, right-wingers are going to be better equipped for dealing with all forms of hardship, for the simple fact that they are harder people.

New cultural battle lines are in the process of being drawn. Immigration, black crime, child trannies – these are all issues you bicker over during the good times. The new division is going to be between those who embrace the government controlling every aspect of their lives and trust the plan and those who want their freedom and think we would be better off rebuilding our country through an open economy rather than rolling around in squalor under a socialist mega-government.

This city doesn’t know what’s coming / She doesn’t feel the heat
This city won’t know what hit her / What knocked her out into the streets / This city’s thinking that it’s over / And she’s already fast asleep

It’s probably at least a couple of years off, but ultimately, we know that this is leading to a situation where the government is going to compel people to have computer chips implanted in their hand. Those who take the implant will have access to their UBI and various other privileges, while those who do not will be forced underground, into a parallel society. Christians, myself included, will view this as the Mark of the Beast prophesied in the Revelation of John of Patmos, whereas to system-believers, it will be seen as a way to finally be released from the prison created by this totalitarian system.

Whether you believe the Bible or not, you can believe that the Satan-worshiping Jews are fixated on making Revelation real.

As we’ve seen, neo-Nazis, who ostensibly took a right-wing position on blacks and immigration in the old world, have decided to trust the government in this new world. Probably, a few of those who were leftist in the old world will also take a pro-freedom position in the new world.

It is going to be fascinating to watch all of this unfold, as the reality slowly sinks in for these horrible leftists, and they start to realize that their biggest concern is most definitely not Ahmaud Arbery, or inventing conspiracy theories about the secret agendas of people who make jokes on the internet.

It goes without saying that childless middle-aged overweight alcoholics are not going to have any natural place in the coming society, given that they are unnatural creatures, the actual definition of dead weight and air theft. The only place they have now, as outlined above, is created by the government forcing men to give them a place. There are going to be a whole lot of drug-addicted teenage white girls willing to be the sex pals of joggers.

Every teenage white girl in America, circa a year from now

When things go real far south, used up middle-aged women like Tess Owen are not going to find any comfort in that community.

I legitimately believe a lot of these old hags are going to try to appeal to the chivalrousness of right-wing oriented men in the apocalypse realm. I trust everyone knows the drill.