The Day America Finally Fell Apart

Last night, after streaming for many hours, I said that the rushing of the Capitol was allowed to happen, so these media people could get their narrative and move forward with an agenda. Some people agreed, some disagreed. Whatever.

To be clear, I’ve denounced the claims by the Republican media that this was some kind of secret Antifa operation using crisis actors or whatever, and my specific point of contention is whether or not the police had the option of keeping people out of the Capitol.

At the first line, there were literally three (3) cops.

But hey – you know, maybe it was just a weird, wacky coincidence that the day before this event, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser told law enforcement to stand down and literally wrote a letter to the Jewish acting AG telling him to remove federal cops from the area.

Jews are pretending to be confused about how this happened.

Could be a coincidence.

Who knows.

I’m Just Going to Try to Break This All Down Here

This event needs to be analyzed. What I’m going to write here is not for popular consumption. The popular position simply needs to be: “the January 6 patriots are heroes, period.” That needs to be a chant. No one can be allowed to say otherwise without being called a traitor.

But we should understand the larger implications of this event, as best we can.

It’s not really very important to me if “they purposefully created the conditions for this scene” or “this was all just an unlikely series of coincidences.”

It doesn’t really matter if the intelligence services ordered there to be virtually zero law enforcement protecting the Capitol when they knew hundreds of thousands of people were going to be marching on the building.

The only thing that actually matters is the outcome of these events.

And whether this was part of a plan or not, the outcome of these events is not yet determined. That is the point that matters.

I think we can all agree it was catharsis to watch these people rush the Capitol. And according to polls, 45% of Republicans said they supported the rush.

The numbers are probably higher than that. It’s hard to imagine any supporter of Donald Trump not feeling a rush of joy when they broke through the police line and took the stairs.

That triumphant crowd…

Watching the windows getting smashed out.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not laughing as MAGA dudes scaled the outer walls.

Once they were inside…

It’s hard to imagine anyone not losing it at the sight of these Congressional scum cowering under chairs.

How could you not feel joy in hearing the fear in Wolf Blitzer’s voice, as he sounded as though he was about to burst into tears at the idea that the goyim think they own something?

So to be clear, I have not and never will denounce these events, and I don’t think anyone should denounce these events, and we should in particular support the people who they are going to attempt to prosecute as a result of these events.

We also need to remember our martyr.

A woman was killed by these fed scum, and the media is attempting to cover this up.

Well, most of the media is attempting to cover it up. Some of the media is celebrating that a shiksa who got out of line got what she deserved.

(She wasn’t 16 years old, we’re finding out. She appears to have been an Iraq war vet. We’ll try to figure that out soon.)

It is absolutely incredible that despite the fact that they know the majority of Republican voters support what happened Wednesday, the GOP politicians and media are coming out and condemning these people as evil.

I heard the traitor and Israeli spy Dan “Zioclops” Crenshaw on Fox News last night comparing the people who stormed the Capitol to the hajis he was blasting in Iraq.

Even your good boy Tom Cotton (also a Zio lunatic by the way – basically a two-eyed version of Crenshaw, despite the undue hype he’s gotten) denounced Trump.

Most everyone else in the government did the same (I will try to collect these statements in a separate piece later today).

Kelley Loeffler – that stupid, ugly old cunt – changed her position on the certification… because of the protest?

The usual suspects – Ben Shapiro, et al – are condemning the event as an atrocity.

All of these people are taking the mask off, refusing to support the people, refusing to acknowledge their legitimate grievances.

So, there is a lot of good. Lines have been drawn. We all feel good.



Obvious Thing: A Bunch of People are Going to Go to Prison

We should just take a moment here to note that a bunch of people are going to do hard time in prison, including Baked Alaska, who filmed himself inside of Congress.

A lot of people won’t be identified, but several of them will. Baked will probably actually be at the front of it, and they’ll somehow figure out a way to blame him for the woman getting shot.

So, that is one outcome.

Other Obvious Thing: Pence did His Bit Without Resistance

Third Obligatory Obvious Thing: New Laws Against Trump Supporters

They’re going to do a new kind of Patriot Act to crack down on Trump supporters, obviously. This is the start of a whole media thing where all Trump supporters are de facto terrorists, and it is “inciting violence” to claim that there was election fraud. These people in the government were made afraid, and they are going to move quickly to pass serious new laws that give them all these new powers.

It doesn’t really even matter that much, because they’ve already taken away everyone’s civil rights with coronavirus decrees.

But What is the Actual Overarching Outcome of This Event?

The question that I was asking when I said that they wanted this to happen was very simple, and that was this: what will be the overarching, longterm, real world outcome of the events of January 6?

Firstly, before I say anything else, I want to say this: don’t let them tell you these people were terrorists or insurrectionists or anything else, and don’t ever denounce any of them. Stand strong against Breitbart, Shapiro, Crenshaw, all of these people and say: these were American patriots who were pissed off and they did nothing wrong.

The more we can hold that narrative, the better off we are going to be. We need to turn this into a legendary, heroic event, as much as is in our ability, and we need to denounce anyone who denounces January 6 as a traitor. And frankly, it’s just a fact: anyone who denounces these people is a traitor, and now we know who is who, and it is basically all of them.

Here’s the line: we do not have a system to respect. There is nothing in that building, anymore, that deserves our respect. It is a joke, but it is also a monument to, and the center of, terror and oppression.

But What’s Going to Happen?


I said this was like Charlottesville 2. Obviously, in many ways it was not. Firstly, the optics were beautiful, and that means we’ve got the support of the masses of the people. So there is that. And that’s a big deal. When I say “Charlottesville 2,” which is probably not the best term, what I mean is that they’ve stage managed a scene that will allow them to forward a narrative, and I think this should just be accepted as a matter of obvious fact, despite that the event was much better than Charlottesville.

But people said that this was not Charlottesville, it was like the storming of the Bastille, during the French Revolution.

You would have to admit that it did kind of look like that, visually.

Frankly, I would support the full events of the French Revolution happening now, including and especially the Reign of Terror.

The issue with the comparison is: where are the Girondins? More importantly, where the Montagnards, and where is Maximilien Robespierre?

Who will we crown as our Napoleon? 

The unfortunate reality is that no leadership exists. The French Revolution was a situation where a new intellectual elite that had risen out of the Enlightenment overtook an old and bloated aristocracy.

Even if the January 6 revolutionaries had literally started slaughtering Congresspeople, and then somehow convinced the military to join them, what would that mean? Who would stand up and rule?

There is no opposition in this country. My goal was for the Alt-Right to become that, and we all know how that turned out. Right now, we have Nick Fuentes, but he doesn’t yet have the kind of organization that would be necessary to run a revolutionary government – obviously.

What January 6 amounted to was just a normal peasant uprising, and there is nothing specific that is going to come out of it, other than Trump supporters being painted as terrorists.

Twitter already suspended Donald Trump and deleted some of his tweets, accusing him of leading an insurrection.

Right now, our only leader is Donald Trump, and apparently, his only possibly legitimate heir is Josh Hawley. In terms of the big picture, we are in the same place we were earlier this week: either Trump acts, declares martial law, or he doesn’t, in which case Joe Biden comes in and uses this January 6 event as a way to get the Republicans (both government and media) behind labeling Trump supporters terrorists.

The Only Thing We Can Do

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here. It’s just that I’m seeing people going around saying “the revolution has begun,” and I do not think it has begun. Maybe, Trump supporters are going to start doing bombings and/or mass shootings. That seems relatively likely. But I just can’t really see how any of that would do anything, unless Trump took the position of total opposition leader.

If Trump assumed that position, and people started doing terrorism in support of Trump, then I mean… whatever. Who knows.

But if Trump was willing to do that, to play that role, it seems to me he would have already declared. Maybe he’s going to attempt to seize power. Maybe if he fails, he’s going to go into exile in Russia, and then support violence against the government, claiming to be the legitimate leader and sending out messages on the dark web: “by any means necessary.”

But does that seem likely?

We don’t have control over what Donald Trump does, and there is no violence that is going to solve anything at this point, because there is no opposition that the violence would be done in the name of. That means that any violence, any uprising, amounts to “rabble rabble rabble.”

The only thing that we can do is continue to hold our ground, continue to declare that the January 6 protesters were not “rioters” or “insurrectionists,” but American patriots defending this country from a parasite foreign government that is occupying it.

We do Have the Numbers

More than enough people now support a complete overhaul of our society. That is the outcome of this election theft. I believe that this was on purpose, and the rulers think they can control it, but hey – maybe they can’t?

People absolutely see how insane it is that we watched communists riot for months and it was called “peaceful protests,” but patriots with legitimate grievances are labeled terrorists.

What we should be doing is talking about the Jews. We need to make it clear to this new body of people who are ready to change the country that there is one single group of people behind all of this.

There is now a large body of people in America that are ready to rock and roll.

What happens next is out of our hands. The only thing we can do is hold the line.

My position is the same as it was this entire time: we have to push for secession. If we can get this body of people that support storming the Capitol behind that movement, then we might have a chance. We need leaders.


The takeaway that everyone can agree on is this: America is no longer governable.

The only way that the Democrats are going to be able to lead is through brutal tyranny. They are convinced that this will work. I’m not convinced. But we’re going to find out, very soon.

Remember the patriots.

Remember the martyr.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you these people were something other than heroes.

Anyone who claims otherwise is a traitor.

Get right with God, and get ready for things to get weird.

Long Live the Fighters