The David Duke Show: Zionist Article Attacking Me: “The World’s Most Dangerous Anti-Semite”

David Duke
December 1, 2015


Dr. Duke discusses Zionist article attacking him  titled: “The World’s Most Dangerous Anti-Semite” Dr. Slattery joins in this amazing show!

Today Dr. Duke brought up a couple of recent articles, one of which called him “the world’s most dangerous anti-Semite” and the other comparing Donald Trump to Dr. Duke. The fact that someone as explicitly non-violent and anti-supremacist as Dr. Duke would be viewed with such horror by the Zionist establishment is a testimony to the effectiveness of his message in cutting across traditional political, national, and cultural divides.

Then Dr. Slattery joined the show. He introduced listeners to a new 24-hour cable news network called One America News, which courts Fox News viewers with lots of Reaganesque imagery, but then subtly promotes multi-culturalism and other values that are at odds with the more traditional values of its target audience.

This show is a great way to start your week. Please spread it around.